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Bamboo ToothBrush

Charcoal Infused

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A bamboo toothbrush is the perfect alternative to your conventional plastic toothbrush.  

Where as plastic toothbrushes will still exists hundreds of years from now, bamboo can be burnt or composted.


Available with white or black charcoal-infused bristles.

The charcoal infused bristles adds an extra element to your teeth cleaning routine. Charcoal has been proven to have natural anti-bacterial and detoxifying properties.   Giving your teeth a healthier and whiter clean. 

These toothbrushes have soft bristles as recommended by dentists.
Use with Eco-floss for a fabulous eco-smile!

Eco-Brush's Bamboo Toothbrush

From The Eco-Brush

The Eco-Brush's toothbrush is a super easy eco-swap.  Unlike conventional plastic toothbrushes that will still exist hundreds of years from now, bamboo toothbrushes can be composted at home.  Simply pull out the bristles and throw the handle into your compost bin and let nature do the rest.

Zero-waste bathroom goals

If you're working on reducing the amount of plastic you have in your bathroom, then this is another one you can tick off your list.  Your dental hygiene routine could soon be plastic free with some eco-floss and a bamboo toothbrush.

Tips and Tricks

Keep your eco-brush looking nice by making sure that it is dry after use.  If the bamboo is left sitting in water it will absorb it and can go mouldy.  To prevent this, simply leave your brush lying flat on a dry surface.

About The Eco-Brush Company

The Eco-Brush is a NZ owned company with a strong drive to reduce the amount of disposable plastic we use every day in order to keep our teeth nice and clean.  Nat, the founder and director, is passionate about providing plastic free alternatives to toothbrushes, dental floss and accessories.  This drive continues throughout her business as she is a proud example of a successful business with plastic free packaging.  The Eco Brush's goal is to save the environment by providing eco-friendly alternatives to everyday products, affordable and accessible to everyone.

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