Stainless Steel Pegs


Are you fed up with your plastic pegs breaking?
Or with your wooden pegs going mouldy?

Invest in some Forever Pegs today and you will NEVER need to buy pegs again!

These stainless steel pegs from Bento Ninja are strong and sleek.
They are durable and do a great job! 

Three options to choose from:

20 x Standard pegs - Perfect for everyday use and for lighter items.
20 x Tough pegs - Perfect for tougher jobs such as jeans, towels, or super windy areas.
10 x Sumo pegs - Extra big and extra strong.

Includes a cotton drawstring bag.


Stainless Steel Pegs

From Bento Ninja

Stainless steel pegs are a great choice if you're fed of plastic pegs breaking or of wooden pegs going mouldy.  Or even if you're looking to make more sustainable choices.  

These pegs from Bento Ninja really are quality clothes pegs that are sure to last you a lifetime.  Buy these and you will feel confident that you will never need to buy pegs again!

Which pegs do I need? Standard or Tough?

Standard Pegs

Length: 6cm
Wire diameter:  1.8mm
Stainless steel: 304

Standard pegs are perfect for most uses.  They are definitely strong enough for your every day washing.

Tough Pegs

Length: 5.9cm 
Wire diameter:  2mm
Marine Grade Stainless steel: 316

Tough pegs have been made with a thicker wire, making them even stronger! They are great for heavier items such as jeans and large towels.

Sumo Pegs

Length: 6.4cm 
Wire diameter:  2.3mm 
Marine Grade Stainless steel: 316

Sumo pegs are big and strong!  Great for really heavy items such as dog beds and duvets, or for items such as jeans and big towels if you live somewhere particularly windy.


Taking care of your clothes pegs to ensure they last you a lifetime!

It is recommended that you wash your stainless steel pegs every 6 months to ensure they stay sparkling and clean.  Bird poo, spider webs and general outdoor debris can tarnish your pegs.  Simply pop them into a bag and throw them into the washing machine with a normal load of washing.  Just be sure that they can't come of the bag during the wash as this could damage your machine.


Or visit Bento Ninja's own website here.

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    Rachael V.
    New Zealand

    These pegs are awesome. I highly recommend them.

    Katrina W.
    I love them so much!

    Very prompt delivery and a lovely handwritten note from Kelly. I already had some of these pegs but gave them to my daughter as I love them so much. This time I purchased 60 more pegs, 20 of which are marine grade. The marine grade are definitely a stronger product so these will be used for jeans and other heavy garments, but to be honest I think the standard ones are up to the job too, I just wanted to try the marine grade. Yes they are expensive , and yes I did look elsewhere for cheaper ones, but then I wanted a product that would last the test of time and not collapse after a few uses.Plus I had already used this brand and that was why I stuck with them. Absolutely no regrets and my husband was even heard to comment how nice they are to use. My hands are not as nimble as they were but that is not an issue with these pegs and I feel quite proud of plastic free peg box. Buy some they are great

    Excellent products and customer service

    I was blown away from the get go at how professional, friendly and kind Kelly was. Extremely happy with my order, will definitely be purchasing more products from her site in the future

    Katherine B.
    Christmas Presents

    Thanks Kelly for the extremely swift turn around of my order. So great to have quality Christmas presents sorted so early!


    So strong and durable. No more breakages of plastic pegs weakened by the sun and weather. Can see these lasting ages. I’m onto my second pack