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    Eco Laundry Bundle

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    Eco Laundry Bundle

    Includes; Peg Hanger, 40 Stainless Steel Pegs and a Peg Bag.

    Eco Laundry Bundle Includes;

    • Marine Grade Peg Hanger
    • 40 x Marine Grade Stainless Steel Pegs 
    • Peg Bag (choose your peg bag design)


    Rust Proof Marine Grade Peg Hanger

    This peg hanger has been made with marine grade stainless steel, making it RUST PROOF and therefore will ensure that it lasts you a lifetime. You will never need to buy a replacement, unlike plastic hangers that need to be replaced every couple of years. 

    • 36 pegs
    • Size: 40 x 30cm
    • Holds up to 2kg

    The peg hanger is great for small items such as socks, undies, nappies, cloth pads, bras and more!

    Click here if you'd like more information about the Peg Hanger.


    Bento Ninja Stainless Steel Pegs

    With this bundle you'll get two bags of stainless steel pegs from Bento Ninja. That's 40 pegs! Like the peg hanger, they are made from MARINE GRADE stainless steel meaning they are RUST PROOF and will last you FOREVER! 

    • Length: 5.8cm
    • Wire diameter:  1.7mm
    • Marine Grade Stainless steel: 316

    These pegs are great for hanging out your washing, or pegging closed bags in your kitchen.

    Click here if you'd like to learn more about Bento Ninja's stainless steel pegs.


    Peg Bag

    With your new shiny pegs, you'll also need somewhere to keep them, and let's face it, a plastic peg basket just won't be good enough anymore! These peg bags are made from cotton or hessian (jute), with a stainless steel hanger. They're available in several patterns, so choose your fav and enjoy your new plastic free laundry!

    • Handmade in NZ.
    • Size: 26 x 37cm 



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