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I am NOT a zero-waster

I think that people look at my business Reuseful and assume that I am a zero-waster.  I am NOT a zero-waster.  I hadn’t even heard of the term ‘zero-waste’ until after I’d started Reuseful.

So who am I?  I am a person who cares about the environment and it’s wildlife.  I am a person who can see the damage that my single-use plastic filled convenient lifestyle has caused.  I am a person who wants to do better so that the future is greener.  I am on the zero-waste journey.  But… I am also a person who has lots of convenient, waste-filled habits.

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Blue lunette menstrual cups

Menstrual Cups? Ewww! That’s disgusting!

I remember the first time I ever heard about menstrual cups. My friend was using one and my instant reaction was ewww! That’s disgusting!  

Then over the next couple of years I heard more and more about them.  Eventually my interest piqued and I began actively searching for more information.  Then finally… I bought myself one.

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Reuseful's plastic free July logo.

Plastic Free July

Plastic Free July is a Global movement that raises the awareness of one the greatest environmental challenges of our time… Plastic Pollution! 

Challenge yourself this July and see how much plastic you can eliminate from your life.  Do as much or as little as you feel its right for you.  The goal is to find small changes that you’ll hopefully be able to maintain beyond July.    Read More….

What's the point?

What’s the point? Am I really making a difference?

Do you feel overwhelmed at all the plastic you see everywhere?  Do you look at your plastic lifestyle habits and feel inconsequential with the changes you make?  Do you sometimes feel like ‘what’s the point?’

Changing our habits, especially convenient ones, is difficult.  But is it worth it?  Can they really make a difference?    Read More….