Plastic Free July

Plastic Free July is a Global movement that raises the awareness of one of the greatest environmental challenges of our time… Plastic Pollution!

Reuseful's plastic free July logo.

Challenge yourself this July!

Sign up for the official Plastic Free July Challenge or set yourself a challenge.  Do as much or as little as you feel is right for you.  The goal is to find small changes that you’ll hopefully be able to maintain beyond July.


Refuse to use as much plastic as you can.


Switch to alternative reusable products.


Choose to refill, buy in bulk or make your own alternatives.

Pick a challenge… or 2, or 3, or even more!!!

1. Reusable Bags

It’s fairly easy to remember to take your reusable bags to the supermarket.  But what about when you go to the mall?  Or pop out for lunch and buy something unexpectedly. Challenge yourself to not use a single plastic bag this July.

Apple Green Duck and Rethink have some functional and stylish reusable bags.

KeepCup Cork Edition Filter, with cork band and a latte coloured lid.

2. Reusable Cup

Try to carry your reusable cup with you when you’re out and about and might grab a take-away coffee.  No cup = No coffee.  Or stop and enjoy your coffee in the cafe.  Challenge yourself to not use a single disposable cup this July.

CuppaCoffeeCup have some amazing artist designed cups.  KeepCup have some very stylish glass cups.

CuppaCoffeeCup with an artist design of a fantail and a pohutukawa tree.

3. Toothbrush

Swap your usual plastic toothbrush for a bamboo or plant-based one.  Both can be composted at home.  And if you purchase a Grin toothbrush, you can even post the bristles back to them and they will ensure that they are recycled!

Grin bamboo toothbrush and it's box.

4. Drink Bottle

Challenge yourself to remember to take a drink bottle with you whenever you are out and about.  If you forget your bottle, see if you can find a non-plastic solution to quenching your thirst.  Sit and enjoy a drink in a cafe or try to find a water fountain.

Beautiful Beaches BYO bottles are insulated stainless steel bottles.  They are fantastic at keeping your cold drinks cold for 24hrs and your hot drinks hot for 12hrs!  Perfect for winter!

Or try a Glass is Greener glass bottle.  These have a neoprene cover to help protect your bottle and keep your drinks hot/cold.

Glass is Greener 750ml bottle with Peace design on cover.

5. Food Wraps

Challenge yourself not to use a single piece of cling film this Plastic Free July.  HoneyWraps are the perfect alternative!  They can be used for sandwiches, holding snacks, covering bowls & plates and keeping food fresh. HoneyWraps are reusable, waste-free, 100% cotton and hand-made right here in New Zealand!

Available in small, medium, large and extra-large sizes, perfect for every job.

6. Menstrual Products

Have you ever considered ditching your disposable menstrual products for more eco-friendly, reusable ones?  The thought is rather daunting at first, but once you try them, you may never go back!  Think of all that money you could save!!!

Hannahpads are an International successful brand selling reusable organic cotton menstrual cloths.  Available in 4 sizes to suit your individual needs – panty liner, small, medium and large.

Lunette Cups ranked number 1 on  Available in two sizes and three colours – clear, blue and violet.

Challenge yourself this July to go plastic free!

7. Cotton Buds

Simply swap your plastic cotton buds for some made from bamboo.  You will never go back to plastic cotton buds again!

Go Bamboo cotton buds are essential for every bathroom cupboard.  The sticks are made from sustainable, biodegradable bamboo and the tips from pure cotton.

Go Bamboo cotton buds box.

Rethink Reusable Produce Bags holding carrots and apples

8. Produce Bags

Do you use the plastic bags in the fruit and veggie aisle at the supermarket?  Challenge yourself this Plastic Free July to not use a single plastic bag.  As an alternative try using reusable produce pouches.

Rethink produce pouches are made from organic cotton.  They are available in two sizes.

Pouch Product produce pouches are made from a durable, stretchy mesh fabric and come with coloured drawstrings.

Reusable produce pouches by Pouch Products holding veggies.

9. Straws

Do you enjoy drinking from a straw?  Challenge yourself to ditch plastic straws this July and swap them for a stainless steel alternative.

CaliWoods straws are available in three sizes, drinking straws, cocktail straws and smoothie straws, so you can be sure to find a straw to suit your individual drinking needs.

11. Food Pouches

Save yourself money by investing in some reusable food pouches.  Stop buying single portions of yogurts, baby food, soups etc.  Instead buy in bulk or make your own and freeze individual portions.  With choke free lids for the little ones, both the Kai Carrier and Little Mashies food pouches are great options!

11. Clothes Pegs

Do you use plastic clothes pegs?  Swap them for a more sustainable and eco-friendly alternative this Plastic Free July.

Go Bamboo clothes pegs are designed to weather New Zealand’s harsh UV conditions whilst also being kind to your clothes.   Made from a sustainable bamboo with a stainless steel spring.

Go Bamboo clothes pegs in a box.

12. Sandwich and snack bags

Ditch the single-use disposable sandwich and snack bags this July and try Kai Carrier’s reusable alternatives.

These reusable sandwich and snack bags have a double zip-lock to ensure that your food stays fresh.  They are also easy to clean – just pop them into the dishwasher!

Challenge yourself this July to stop throwing away single-use plastic bags.

Challenge yourself this Plastic Free July!