Zero Waste Periods Are Easy!

selection of reusable menstrual products from lunette and hannah

Making the switch over to zero waste periods is actually easier than you think.  

There are some really great products out there that are healthy and well designed to give you the best possible experience.  Even better than their disposable equivalents!  

Tried and Tested!

For the last 18 months, I have been using a Lunette menstrual cup and some reusable Hannah cloth pads and I love them!

I would never go back to disposables now.  

A strong aspect of Reuseful that I am proud of, is that I only stock products I believe in.  I want people to use and reuse their purchases again and again.  I want you to be happy so that Mother Earth can be happy.

Hannah Reusable Cloth Pads

Hannah reusable cloth pads for zero waste periods

You will love these reusable cloth pads.  Made from certified organic cotton.

Great for those who can’t use menstrual cups.  

They come in lots of different sizes and patterns.  Who knew you’d be picking out period patterns!  

Certified Organic Cotton
A Hannah cloth pad cut to show the layers of organic cotton.

No plastic here!

Just layer after layer of certified organic cotton.  

This ensures for healthy, breathable comfort during your monthly cycles.   

A Hannah cloth pad in it's simple brown packaging.

Use just like you would a disposable, except wash and reuse them again and again.

Easy to wash – simply pop them into the washing machine on a cold cycle and then hang to dry.    

Look after them well and they will last you for years!

Lunette Menstrual Cup

This menstrual cup will be the best thing about your period.  

This one little cup will be your best friend when your monthly arrives.

So simple and easy to use. It really does give you a hassle free period. 

Made from the safest medical grade silicone, these cups have been designed to work perfectly for you.

Simply pop it in at the start of your cycle (or before if you know when to expect it), then take out and rinse every 12 hours.  Easy!  

Chemical free and hassle free
Lunette menstrual cup being held

One cup will last you 10 years.

Saving you not only hassle, but also a boat load of money.  And keeping thousands of plastic disposable menstrual products out of our beautiful Mother Earth.

Want to know more?  Do you have any specific questions you’d like answering?  Flick me an email at and I’d be happy to help.