Reusables for everyone AND every drink!

a variety of reusable bottles and cups

Never use another single-use cup or bottle again!

Whatever your go-to drink, whether it’s water, smoothies, tea, coffee or something a little more extravagant, we have the reusable for you!

Single-use cups and bottles are convenient, no-one can argue with that, but the resources that go into making them and then disposing of them aren’t worth that convenience.  

Not-so-fun Fact

Did you know that on average plastic bottles take about three times as much water to produce than they can actually hold?

Find your perfect reusable…

Small Cups – 227ml (8oz)

three small KeepCups

Perfect for a small coffee or a hot chocolate for the kids.  

KeepCup offers the purest taste with their toughened glass cups.

But they also offer the Original KeepCup for those wanting a more robust and/or lighter option.

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Standard Cups – 340ml (12oz)

four reusable coffee cups - two glass KeepCups and two CuppaCoffeeCups

Our most popular size – Great for standard sized teas, coffees and hot chocolates.

CuppaCoffeeCups have huge range of design options.  All designed by NZ and Aussie artists.  You are sure to find one that suits you.  These also make for great gifts, useful, eco-friendly and budget-friendly at just $17.

Again, KeepCup are big players in the reusable cup market, and rightly so, they make a high quality cup, giving you a beautifully pure tasting drink time and time again.

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Large Cups – 454ml (16oz)

Three Keepcups, a small, medium and large.

Ideal for large coffees, frappacinnos and iced teas.

KeepCup has produced a gorgeous sustainably sourced cork band to their larger cups.  And it really adds something special to the cups.  

Made from toughened glass, these cups will serve you well for years to come.

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Extra Large Cups – 600ml

Two stainless steel double walled reusable cups - 600ml

Fantastic for take-away smoothies, picnics, the beach, day trips or long days at work.

BBBYO have created a double walled insulating extra large cup. Made from stainless steel, these cups are robust and will surely last you a lifetime.  

Perfect for take-away smoothies from places like Tank.  Or for taking your own hot or cold drinks with you wherever you go.  You could even fill your cup with wine!  

The double-walls will insulate your drinks keeping them hot/cold for hours!!!

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Tea Flasks – 500ml

bamboo and glass tea flasks with carry covers

Beautiful for teas and fruit infused water.

These flasks are a personal favourite.  They are double-walled to keep drinks hot/cold for longer. Great to keep on your desk for long days at the office, or even for new mums who rarely get chance to drink a hot tea/coffee.  

Make your own flavoured teas or water and take them with you wherever you go.  

As an added extra, these flasks also come with a protective cover in a range of designs.

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Bottles – 500ml and 750ml

glass is greener and bbbyo reusable bottles

Available in glass or stainless steel to suit your personal preference.

These stainless steel bottles are of the highest quality!  Made with a double-wall they will keep your cold drinks ice-cold for up to 24 hours.  Making them perfect to take to the beach, gym, school, work, family day out or camping. 

These glass bottles offer the purest taste and are the ultimate choice for sustainability.  

All bottles include a protective carry cover with a carry handle, to keep your bottles protected and looking amazing for longer.

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Not-so-fun fact source:  Fresh Water Watch