Bamboo Tea Flask – Feather

$39.00 inc. GST

500ml stainless steel flask with a bamboo outer wall.
The double walled construction will keep your drinks cold/hot for even longer!

Ideal for teas, coffee, infused water, wine, hot chocolate and soups!

This product includes;
– Bamboo and stainless steel tea flask with lid.
– Feather carry cover
– Tea Infuser

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500ml Double Walled Tea Flask with Tea Infuser

The double walled tea flask from BBBYO is stylish, practical and sustainable!

Perfect for making a variety of teas, coffees, fruit, herb or spice infused waters.  You can even take out the infuser and use the flask to carry hot soups and chilled wines.

The double-walled construction creates a vacuum that preserves the temperature of your drinks making this flask perfect for the gym, beach, picnics, camping, hiking or long days out.

The inner wall is made from the highest grade 18/8 stainless steel giving you a healthy alternative to plastic bottles.

Bamboo Tea Flask Product Features

  • 500ml capacity
  • Made from the highest grade 18/8 stainless steel
  • BPA free
  • No condensation
  • Leak free
  • Pure, clean taste
  • Easy to clean


Protective Carry Cover product features

The 5mm thick protective carry cover protects will protect your tea flask from bumps and will prevents scratches, keeping your tea flask looking gorgeous.  It even adds an additional layer of insulation to help your drinks stay hot or cold for even longer!

  • Made from thick 5mm protective neoprene
  • Carry handle that slips over wrist for portability
  • Heavy gauge chunky zipper for easy removal and cleaning
  • Extended ‘Save Our Oceans’ zipper puller for smooth zipping
  • Beautiful nature inspired prints
  • Carry covers are machine washable

Other carry cover designs available;


How to use your bamboo tea flask:

For hot tea and iced tea: Simply take out the tea infuser filter, and add your favourite tea (fresh tea leaves or tea bag). Pop the filter back in, and add boiling water.

For coffee and other hot drinks (hot chocolate, soups etc): Simply take out the infuser filter, and add your hot beverage. The double wall vacuum will keep your beverage piping hot, the rest of the day or night.

For fruit-infused water: Simply remove the bottom part of the tea infuser filter. Add fresh fruit and water, then pop the top part of your filter back in. Your water will stay refreshingly chilled all day long, as it absorbs all the flavour of your fresh fruit. (or fresh herbs such as mint.)


How BBBYO are Eco-Friendly and Budget Friendly.

BBBYO creates products that replace your need to buy and consume drinks from single-use plastic bottles that pollute our oceans.  The bottles use materials that are infinitely recyclable, so when you have finished with tea flask, simply place it into your household recycling bin and it will begin a new life as something else!

Why choose BBBYO?

BBBYO has the ambition to encourage thoughtful buying to it’s consumers, and to make a contribution to ridding the ocean of excessive plastic pollution.  Their aim is to keep plastic and textile waste out of our oceans. Whether it be by up-cycling existing materials or using safer alternatives, BBBYO’s aim is to keep useable materials above ground and use what is available to us now, so we don’t continue throwing unnecessary waste at Mother Nature.  Want to learn more about BBBYO?  Visit their website here.

Caring for your BBBYO Bamboo Tea Flask

BBBYO bamboo tea flasks are easy to clean.  Simply hand wash with warm soap water and a bottle brush.  Ensure the bamboo outer is dried and left to air immediately after washing.