Organic Cotton Bread Bag

$29.00 inc. GST

A reusable bread bag to store your homemade or fresh bakery loaves.

The modern patterns will look great and work well, transporting your breads home, keeping them fresh AND protecting them from those pesky flies.

Size: 29 x 40cm


Organic Cotton Bread Bag

The organic cotton bread bag from Nil is made right here in New Zealand from organic cotton.

The bags are perfect for transporting fresh loaves of bread home from the bakery, storing your homemade breads and rolls AND protecting your loaves from pesky flies.

Product Features

  • Organic Cotton
  • 29 x 40cm
  • Drawstring
  • Freezer safe
  • Machine washable


Top tip: Once cooled, slice your bread, pop it into this cotton bread bag and pop it into the freezer.
Note: Do not put bread into the fridge as this creates a moist atmosphere that speeds up mould growth.

A great sustainable choice

Using a reusable bread bag is great for so many reasons.  If you’re using it to buy fresh breads and rolls from the bakery then you’re replacing your need to use single use bags and tags.  Using it to store your breads at home will help them to stay fresh for longer, meaning less food waste.  Did you know that you can even use the bag to store your breads in the freezer?

Why choose a Nil Product?

Nil is an award winning business.  It is a business run by parents, for parents.  They are strong supporters of a living wage and being flexible to allow work to fit around family.
Nil also aims to be as eco-friendly as they possibly can be.  They truly believe that a world without plastic would be a great one!  With this in mind they work hard so that their products can be made from natural and biodegradable materials as much as possible.

Caring for your Bread Bag

Simply machine wash on cold and then hang to dry.

Want to know more about Nil?  Visit their website here.

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Bag Design

Red Flower, Red Tukutuku, Yellow Kowhai

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