Reusable Panty Liners – 2 pack

$26.00 inc. GST

New and Improved!
Now with a slimmer more comfortable fit and silicone dots for extra grip.

Made from certified organic cotton.  Super absorbent, light, soft, comfortable and leak proof.
Panty Liner pads are perfect for light spotting or as a menstrual cup back up.

Need something to keep them in?  Check out Hannahpad’s wet bags.

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A catch-all product

To give an honest review, I will start by saying, moving away from single-use daily liners to these pads does take a little bit of getting used too. There is obviously a bit more bulk to these compared to a single-use liner. BUT, for an eco-friendly option, I think they'd be hard to beat. I wear them daily (for discharge), sorry if TMI, but they work brilliantly for this purpose (and I couldn't find a review confirming this when I was looking for a solution, so hopefully this helps someone else!). I did a bit of research on options, and for me, these are the winner on price, function, style, availability and supporting an NZ store.

Hannah Liners - Great product

I recently purchased the Hannah liners from Reuseful, and I have found this to be perfect for every day use. I now have two sets (ones I purchased previously), and these are the right size for liners, they're slim-line and not bulky like others I've tried. Kelly & the Reuseful team made the purchase super easy, and these were delivered quickly and were packaged in sustainable packaging which was a huge bonus. I would happily purchase from Reuseful again, and would highly recommend. Thanks!

Leanne P.
A mindset change

Wearing reuseable liners is definitely a mindset change, they are more bulky than the disposable ones but you need to keep the bigger picture in mind. Very well made and easy to wash. The service from Reuseful was amazing as always :)

Hannah’s Cotton Panty Liners

Hannah’s organic cotton panty liners are ideal for light spotting, vaginal discharge or even as a menstrual cup back up.  They are light, breathable, soft and comfortable, giving you a fresher feel that no disposable pad can.

Size – Length: 21cm,  width: 7.5cm (not including wings)
Absorbency – 15ml
Number of internal layers – 2

Need a larger more absorbent pad?  Try a Small, Medium or Large size.

Product Features

  • Reusable for years
  • Washable
  • 100% organic cotton internal top layer
  • Water proof external layer
  • Made from unbleached, non-dyed cotton


How To Use Cotton Panty Liners

Simply place your cloth pad over the inside of your underwear, pattern facing down.
Then fold the wings over the outside of your underwear and secure using the plastic snap fastener.

How Hannah’s Cloth Pads are Eco-Friendly.

Using reusable cloth pads will replace your need to buy and use disposable menstrual pads month after month.  They are made from organic cotton, meaning that no pesticides were used and can be used again and again and again.  Take good care of your Hannah cloth pads and they will last you years!

Why choose Hannah?

Hannah is an eco-friendly business.  It uses sustainable organic cotton, meaning no toxic pesticides are used, and they have been Control Union Certified which means that their industry supply chains are sustainable.  They care about everything along their manufacturing chain, from the cotton farmers health, the farming practices to protect the environment, all the way to you and your body.  Hannah wants to give you a top quality product that is toxin free.

Caring for your Cotton Panty Liners.

1. Rinse your cloth pads as soon as possible after wearing to remove any discharge.
2. Lather using some probiotic soap or any natural laundry detergent.
3. Leave to soak in cold water (with the natural laundry detergent) for a minimum of 6 hours.  Can be left for up to 48 hours.
4. Wash by hand or machine wash in cold water.
5. Dry in the sun where possible as it is a natural antibacterial.

Hannah’s cloth pads are going to be next to your most delicate of delicates so please:
Do not bleach.
Do not dry clean. 
Do not tumble dry/machine dry.
Do not use fabric softener.


After washing your cloth pads you must dry them as quickly as possible to avoid them becoming mouldy.
Drying them in the sun immediately after washing is the best solution and always ensure they are fully dry before storing. If your pads do become mouldy you can soak them in a solution of vinegar or borax.
Please follow the manufacturers instructions carefully.

For your health & hygiene, do not use your cloth pads if any mould is present. If mould persists dispose of your cloth pads.  It is each individuals responsibility to wash and maintain their pads once purchased.
Hannah or Reuseful does NOT take responsibility for the incorrect use and/or washing and care of the product.

But don’t let this put you off, caring for cloth pads is easy, after-all, you don’t wear mouldy undies do you!

Want to know more about Hannah?  Visit their website here.


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