Hannahpad Pouch

$10.00 inc. GST

Hannahpad pouches are perfect for keeping your Hannah pads in one place.

Take your pouch with you in your handbag or backpack each day, or in your luggage whilst travelling.  These beautiful pouches are also great and discrete way to store your Hannahpads whilst at home, or even for your make-up!

Pouch Size – Length: 16cm,  Width: 7cm,  Height: 9cm.


Available in 4 different designs:
Modern House
Happy Flower
Lovely Flower
Vintage Pink

Product Features

  • Washable
  • Cotton with a nylon lining
  • Holds 6 Large/Overnight Hannahpads

Caring for your Hannahpad Pouch.
1. Wash by hand or machine wash in cold water.
2. Dry in the sun where possible.  Do not tumble dry.


Happy House, Lovely Flower, Modern Flower, Vintage Pink

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