Ice Pop Pouches – 4 Pack

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Now in plastic free packaging!

Munch’s reusable ice pop pouches are an easy, no fuss way to make the best ice blocks.
Perfect for all ages, especially when the weather is hot!  Make your own healthy and delicious frozen treats.

Use these ice pop pouches to freeze fresh fruit & veggie smoothies, purees, yogurts, juices and ice cream.  And if there’s some left, simply just pop the lid back on and save the rest for later.

Love Munch’s bright colours?  Have you seen their water bottles and litterless lunch bags?

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Ice Pop Pouches – Pack of 4

Munch’s reusable ice pop pouches come in a pack of four to ensure that there are enough to share.  These bright and beautiful colours along with their great design makes them fun and functional.  They are flexible and reusable.  Made from quality food grade silicone ensuring that they will last!

To freeze, simply lie the ice pop pouches on their sides, or even stand them on their lids.  With the tight fitting leak proof lids you can feel at ease knowing no mess will be made.

Product Features

  • 80ml each
  • 25cm long
  • Leak proof lids
  • Microwave, dishwasher and freezer safe.
  • Made from durable silicone
  • BPA free

How Munch Reusable Ice Pops are Eco-Friendly and Budget friendly.
Using Munch’s ice pop pouches will replace the need to buy individually wrapped ice-blocks and ice-creams.  They will prevent you from throwing hundreds of single-use plastic wrappers away.

Why choose Munch?
Munch is an award winning business.  It is a business run by parents, for parents.  They are strong supporters of a living wage and being flexible to allow work to fit around family.
Munch also aims to be as eco-friendly as they possibly can be.  They truly believe that a world without plastic would be a great one!  With this in mind they work hard so that their products can be made from natural and biodegradable materials as much as possible.

Caring for your Munch Reusable Ice Pop Pouches.
Simply hand wash the ice pop pouches with warm soapy water or throw them in the dishwasher for an easy clean.

Do not over fill the ice pop pouches before freezing as freezing causes liquids to expand.

Want to know more about these pouches?  Visit Munch’s own website here.

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