Reusable Bag with Carry Pouch – 2 Kiwi designs available

$17.00 inc. GST

Say ‘no’ to single use plastic bags and carry your retail purchases home in style.

Available in two Kiwi inspired patterns, with only a limited number of each to make your kiwi carry pouch even more special.

These reusable bags include carry pouches where you can simply fold or stuff the bag back into its own pocket for easy storage when not in use.

Bag size 42 x 40cm (folded 11 x 13cm).
100% cotton.


These Kiwi carry pouches by Pouch Products are beautiful and functional.
Easy to store in your bag or even in your pocket!

Product Features
  • Size 42cm x 40cm
  • Made from 100% cotton
Why choose Pouch Products?

Pouch products are a family owned and operated business.  They use locally sourced materials as much as they possibly can to ensure that their carbon footprint is kept to a minimum.  They also have a ‘low waste’ policy.  This means that they use unique patterns when cutting their fabrics to ensure that they create as little waste as possible.  Any small fabric trimmings that are left over are either composted or repurposed.  Pouch products are creating great reusable products always with sustainability in mind.

Caring for your Kiwi Carry Pouches.

Simply machine wash in cold water and then line dry.

Bag Design

Koru, NZ Town & City