Large Storage Bags

$3.00$13.00 inc. GST

Kai Carrier’s largest reusable bag!

Size: 250mm x 350mm

This large durable reusable bag can be used to store a wide range of items, not just limited to food.

Store loaves of bread or half eaten packets of crackers.  Use them to fill up at the bulk bin store as an alternative to single use bags.  You can store dried goods in the pantry or leftovers in the fridge or freezer.

Take them to the deli or butcher and have them fill them with your choices of meats, cheeses or salads. (Kai Carrier bags are made from a food grade plastic so can be heated to 90 degrees Celsius – so you can completely sterilise them after use).

These bags can be used to store wet togs, caps and goggles – perfect for the kids school bags.  Or even soiled/wet clothes from kindy/daycare.  Kai Carrier bags fully seal so say goodbye to a stinky bag.

Storage bags can also be used to keep game and puzzle pieces organised.  Or even keep your keys and phone dry whilst at the beach or on the boat.

The uses for our largest storage bag are endless. Every time you use it you are preventing a single use bag from ending up in landfill!

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