Lunette Menstrual Cup – Violet

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Lunette menstrual cups are the future of menstrual products.  Hygienic, safe and completely waste-free!  They are really easy to use – simply fold and insert.  Done!  Lunette cups can stay in for up to 12 hours leaving you free to do your thing!

Lunette menstrual cups are comfortable to wear.  They are made of a silky medical grade silicone – so soft you won’t even know its there.  Lunette cups are odourless and easy to clean.  They don’t shed fibres like tampons and the silicone doesn’t feed bacterial growth.

You might also be interested in Cup Wipes to clean your cup whilst in toilet cubicles without sink.

Also available in Blue.


Lunette Menstrual Cup

Want to learn more about how to use a Menstrual Cup?  See the official user guide here.


Product Features
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to clean
  • Made from medical grade silicone
  • Hygienic and safe

Lunette menstrual cups come in 2 different sizes.  Size 1 and size 2.

Which size is for you?

Flow – Have a light flow, then choose size 1.  If you have a heavier flow, give size 2 a go!
Age – For teens and young users, then the smaller size 1 is recommended.
Pregnancy – For mums, we recommend size 2.
Cervix –  If you have a low-sitting cervix, try the shorter size 1 for a better fit.
Lifestyle – If you’re a fitness goddess with strong vaginal muscles, consider using the softer size 1.
Bladder – If you have a sensitive bladder, the softer size 1 cup might be better suited to your needs.

Still not sure? See Lunette’s own size guide here.

How Lunette are Eco-Friendly and Budget friendly.

Menstrual cups are a waste-free alternative to disposable tampons and pads.  No longer will you need to buy and throw away multiple single-use menstrual products month after month.   A Lunette menstrual cup will last you for years!

Why choose Lunette?

Lunette is a tried and tested menstrual cup brand.  It ranked number 1 on by both the editor and it’s users.  Lunette also has 95% of it’s customers saying that they are satisfied with their cups and 88% of customers believing that their quality of life during menstruation had improved.

Caring for your Lunette.

Before using for the first time, boil your Cup in a pan for 20 mins.
Then before and after each period boil your Cup for a few minutes.
During your period simply empty any blood into the toilet, rinse the Cup in cold water, then wash in warm water, then re-insert.  Easy!
If you’re out and about and don’t have access to water, try Lunette’s specially designed Cup Wipes.

Still want to know more?  Visit Lunette’s own cleaning guide here.



Size 1, Size 2

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