500ml Glass Water Bottle by Munch – 4 colours available

$29.50 $24.50 inc. GST

Munch’s glass bottles allow you to drink pure-tasting water without the worry of any nasty chemicals having seeped in.  They are durable, portable and fully recyclable.

Munch’s bottles are suitable for kids and adults and are available in four beautiful soft pastel colours.
They have a comfortable finger loop for easy carrying and a soft silicone cover to protect the bottle.


Glass Bottle – 500ml

Available in blue, pink, purple and yellow.

Product Features

  • Leak proof lid
  • Lightweight
  • Mouth opening with 1.25” (3.2cm) diameter
  • Made with durable borosilicate glass

How Munch water bottles are Eco-Friendly and Budget friendly.
Munch’s glass water bottles allow you to take your pure-tasting water with you wherever you go.  No longer will you need to buy single-use plastic bottles of water.  And once empty just refill for free!
Munch’s glass water bottles are made from all natural, sustainable raw materials that are 100% recyclable.  They can be reused endlessly, but once you are done, just pop it into your recycling bin and the glass will be made into something else.

Why choose Munch?
Munch is an award winning business.  It is a business run by parents, for parents.  They are strong supporters of a living wage and being flexible to allow work to fit around family.
Munch also aims to be as eco-friendly as they possibly can be.  They truly believe that a world without plastic would be a great one!  With this in mind they work hard so that their products can be made from natural and biodegradable materials as much as possible.

Caring for your Munch water bottle.
Munch recommend that you hand wash the bottles, however you can also pop into the dishwasher on the top rack.  Wash as one-piece.  The silicone cover can be removed but this is not suggested or necessary.

Munch’s water bottles are designed for hot or cold use.
The silicone cover and glass bottle are microwaveable but do not overheat or cook on long settings. Great for warming milk or cold drinks.  Please note that the silicone sleeve is not insulated or protective from the heat.


Cyan, Pink, Purple, Yellow