Organic Cotton Snack Bag – Red Apple

$16.00 inc. GST

Reusable organic cotton snack bags are the perfect waste-free way for storing food in your lunchbox.

Easy to use velcro flap.
Easy to clean – machine washable.
Eco-friendly – reusable and handmade in NZ from cotton.
No leaks or stains – waterproof internal layer.
No nasties – Lead, Phthalates and BPA free.

Size approx 16.5cm x 13cm

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Munch’s Organic Cotton Snack Bags

You can grab an organic cotton snack bag in 5 different designs; blue pukekos, blue star, green apples, red apples and stripes.

Perfect for waste-free lunches

An organic cotton snack bag can be used to store a wide range of food items including sandwiches, pitas, muffins, biscuits, chopped fruit and popcorn.  And with the easy to open velcro strip, they are perfect for kids of all ages.

Easy to clean

We simply wipe the organic cotton snack bags clean each day and then throw them into the washing machine at weekends.  Easy peasy.  We love the ‘no fuss’ of these lunch bags.

Litterless Snack Bag Features

  • Handmade in NZ
  • Waterproof internal layer ensures food doesn’t stick or stain.
  • No Nasties – Lead, Phthalates and BPA free.


Using Munch’s organic cotton snack bags will replace your need to buy plastic sandwich and snack bags.  Each bag will last you 18 months and more! Saving potentially hundreds of single-use plastic bags and wraps ending up in landfill.  Munch is also a NZ business and makes all of its lunch bags here in New Zealand.

Budget friendly.

1 cotton snack bag will last you at least 18 months.  That’s the equivalent to $27 worth of single use sandwich bags. (Based on a 40 week school year and $9 per 100 single-use bags)

Why choose Munch?

Munch is an award winning business, run by parents, for parents.  They are strong supporters of a living wage and in being flexible to their employees to allow for work to fit around their families.
Munch also works hard to be as eco-friendly as they possible and they truly believe that a world without plastic would be a great one!  With this in mind they work hard so that their products can be made from natural and biodegradable materials as much as possible.

Lunch Bag Design

Green Apple, Stripes, Blue Star, Pukeko, Red Apple

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