Pukeko Mum CuppaCoffeeCup

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This will make a Mum feel so special.
A beautiful and heart felt print by New Zealand artist Janine Millington.

New Zealand made reusable coffee cups.
Lightweight, barista friendly and dishwasher, microwave and freezer safe.

Size – 340ml (12oz)

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Pukeko Mum CuppaCoffeeCup

This cup is a beautiful heartfelt gift to any mother.  Whether you give it at a baby shower to a new mum-to-be, or to your own mother, celebrating her 50th Mother’s Day or birthday, you are sure to make their heart melt.

Designed by New Zealand artist Janine Millington.
Other designs from Janine Millington include;

Cuppacoffeecups are great for those wanting to add some colour and personality to their daily coffee routine or as a great gift.  Who wouldn’t love an artist designed cup that they can use again and again?

Product Features

  • 340ml (12oz).
  • Barista and coffee machine friendly.
  • Dishwasher, microwave and freezer safe.
  • Made from food-grade polypropylene.
  • BPA free.
  • Recyclable.
  • Designed, made and packaged in New Zealand.
  • Proudly supports New Zealand and Australian Artists.

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How CuppaCoffeeCups are Eco-Friendly.

In New Zealand alone, about 100-200 million disposable cups are used and thrown away every year!  And although there are now many coffee shops handing out eco-friendly, compostable cups, the sad reality is that not many of our councils have the facilities to compost them.  So just like all the other disposable cups, they too end up in our landfills.  By having your very own reusable coffee cup, not only could you prevent your share of cups from ending up in landfill, but you could also inspire and encourage others to do the same!

Reuse, Reuse, Reuse… Recycle!

The eco-conscious people behind CuppaCoffeeCups have considered many aspects when designing their cups, including the material it is made out of. Made from food-grade polypropylene, not only are CuppaCoffeeCups safe to drink from, it is also a plastic that is easily recyclable.  So once it has come to the end of its life as your reusable cup, simply pop it into your home recycling bin and it can be given a new lease of life as something else.

Caring for your CuppaCoffeeCup.

Your CuppaCoffeeCup is top-drawer dishwasher safe, however, we recommend hand washing as it is less abrasive, meaning that the gorgeous design on your cup will stay looking amazing for longer.


CuppaCoffeeCups are designed for espresso coffees.  Therefore the maximum temperature intended for use in a CuppaCoffeeCup is 65 degrees celsius.  It is not recommended for boiling liquids such as tea or long blacks, but they are working on those!

CuppaCoffeeCups are freezer safe and microwave safe with the lid off.

Cup Design

Moon And Back, Straight Coffee, Superbloom, Black Kiwis, Cat Adventures, Elephant, Fantail, Kiwi Pohutakawa, Kiwiana, Man Cave, Mickey To Tiki, Miromiro & Manuka, Native Birds, On The Fly, Pink Fantail, Pohutukawa Fantail, Pukeko Mum, Rare Specimens, Rugby Road Code, Skull Candy, Stay Awesome, Stay Awesome – Colour, Tin Man, Tui