Produce Bags – Multi Pack

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Rethink reusable fresh produce bags are perfect for getting your fruit and veggies from the supermarket to your kitchen.  Feel good knowing that you will no longer need to use those single-use plastic bags offered by the supermarkets.

This multi pack includes 3 produce bags.  2 large and 1 small.

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Rethink Reusable Produce Bags are available in two sizes:

  • Large Pack – includes 3 large bags.
  • Multi Pack – include 1 small and 2 large bags.
Rethink Produce Bags – Multi Pack

This Multi Pack of Fresh reusable produce bags includes 2 large bags and 1 small bag.

The small bag is approximately 20cm x 20cm and weighs 18g.
The large bags are approximately 25cm x 38cm and weighs 36g.

Product Features
  • 100% biodegradable
  • Sustainably produced
  • Certified Organic
  • Made from unbleached Indian Cotton
How Rethink Reusable Produce Bags are Eco-Friendly.

Using Rethink reusable produce bags will replace your need to use plastic single-use produce bags.
In one year you could save over 150 plastic bags from being used.  Based on using 3 reusable bags, once a week for 1 year.

Why choose Rethink?

Rethink is truly focused on the importance of reducing waste.  It is estimated that every year New Zealanders use 1 billion plastic bags. One way or another almost all of this ends up polluting the environment.  Rethink is passionate about offering products that can easily be incorporated into everyday life that are sustainable and eco-friendly.
Rethink offers a sustainable and environmentally pure, 100% biodegradable alternative, with certified organic Reusable Produce Bags – bags specifically designed for your convenience when shopping for fresh fruit and vegetables.

Caring for your Rethink Reusable Produce Bags.

Simply pop into the washing machine on a gentle wash and then line dry.


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