Bamboo Travel Case

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A must have for your toiletries bag.  Bamboo has natural antibacterial properties meaning your toothbrush will be kept both safe and clean in this bamboo travel case.

A great eco-choice!  Bamboo grows really fast meaning it is the perfect sustainable material.  And when you’re finished, it can be composted at home meaning it ticks all zero-waste boxes.


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Bamboo Travel Case

From The Eco-Brush

This bamboo travel case is the eco-friendly choice for storing your toothbrush whilst travelling.  Did you know that bamboo has natural antibacterial properties?  Whether road tripping or flying the globe, it will keep your toothbrush safe and clean.

Zero-waste travel goals

If you’re planning a trip and wanting to be eco-conscious, then this is perfect for your toiletries bag.  Along with your bamboo toothbrush and eco-floss, your dental hygiene whilst away from home will be sure to tick all the eco-boxes.

About The Eco-Brush Company

The Eco-Brush is a NZ owned company with a strong drive to reduce the amount of disposable plastic we use every day in order to keep our teeth nice and clean.  Nat, the founder and director, is passionate about providing plastic free alternatives to toothbrushes, dental floss and accessories.  This drive continues throughout her business as she is a proud example of a successful business with plastic free packaging.  The Eco Brush’s goal is to save the environment by providing eco-friendly alternatives to everyday products, affordable and accessible to everyone.

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