Cotton Body Pouf


Does your shower pouf need replacing but you don't want to get another plastic one that's destined for landfill?

Try this gorgeous eco-alternative.
100% cotton, and made right here in New Zealand.

Whether you use liquid or bar soap, this body pouf will give you a lovely lather with a gentle cleansing scrub.


Cotton Body Pouf

From Pouch Products

These cotton body poufs are not only gorgeous, but they also do a great job.  Whether you use liquid or bar soap, this body pouf will give you a lovely lather ensuring you get a gentle yet cleansing body wash every time.  

Super easy to maintain.  

Simply rinse thoroughly after each use and hang to dry.  Or if you’d like a more thorough clean, pop it into the washing machine with your towels.

These body poufs are an excellent replacement for those plastic poufs destined for landfill.  Another great alternative for your zero waste bathroom.


Product Specifications

  • 100% cotton – even the cord and trim
  • Made in NZ


Why choose a Pouch Products item?

We love that Pouch Products is a small family owned and operated Kiwi business, and we especially love that they hand-make each and every item with love and care. Pouch Products also use locally sourced materials as much as they possibly can to ensure that their carbon footprint is kept to a minimum. They have a ‘low waste’ policy meaning that they use unique patterns when cutting their fabrics to ensure that they create as little waste as possible. Any small fabric trimmings that are left over are either composted or re-purposed. Pouch products are creating great quality reusable products always with sustainability in mind.

Caring for your Cotton Body Pouf.

We’re sure that you want to keep your gorgeous new body pouf looking beautiful for as long as possible.  So with this in mind, we recommend that you thoroughly rinse your pouf after every use, then squeeze out as much excess water as possible before hanging to dry.  For a complete refresh, simply pop your shower pouf into the washing machine with your towels and hang to dry.

Want more information about Pouch Products?  Visit their website here.