Bottle Carry Cover

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These gorgeous carry covers with nature inspired prints, protect your drinking bottle AND make it easier to carry it around.

Made from thick 5mm protective neoprene (wetsuit material) to cushion your bottle and protect it from bumps and scratches. 

It also adds an extra layer of insulation to ensure your drinks stay either hot or cold for even longer!

The cover has a carry handle that slips perfectly over your wrist or can be looped around backpacks, prams and bicycle handlebars.

Made to fit BBBYO's 500ml bottles. 

Fits other bottles with circumferences up to 23cm.
And with a bottle length of 23cm from base to bottom of lid.

    Machine washable

    Protective Bottle Carry Cover

    From BBBYO

    Every bottle should have a protective carry cover to keep it looking newer for longer, to keep your drinks insulated and to make it easier to carry your bottle around.

    These carry covers are really great, with gorgeous nature inspired prints, and a well thought out design.

    Will This Cover Fit My Bottle?

    They have been made specifically for BBBYO bottles, but will work for most bottles.  Simply measure yours and see if it fits within the measurements.  

    Fits bottles with a circumference of no more than 23cm.  (There is a little stretch in the cover, but no more than 23cm will give you a comfortable fit.

    It'll also fit bottles with a height of 23 cm from the bottles base to the bottom of its lid.  A shorter bottle will get lost in the cover.  A taller bottle with be ok but the zip may not fully fasten.  

    Carry Cover Features

    • Made from thick 5mm neoprene
    • Heavy gauge chunky zipper for easy removal
    • Machine washable
    • Beautiful ocean inspired prints