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Harry Potter Wet Bags - 2 pack - Bumkins

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Harry Potter Wet Bags - 2 pack

From Bumkins

This set of Harry Potter wet bags from Bumkins are bright, fun and so useful!

Keep your wet and dirty items away from everything else in your bag with ease and style.

Perfect for all ages, from babies, right through to adults.

What Are Wet Bags Used For?

Babies - Great for storing nappies, wipes and clothes whilst you're out and about.

Toddlers -Ideal for changes of clothes, or for keeping wet or muddy shoes from making everything else dirty in your bag or car.

Kids -Useful for sports. Carry sport shoes and other small accessories, water bottles, snacks, togs etc.

Adults - Handy for togs, towels, water bottles and suncreams. Or for keeping your toiletries together when you travel. 

Harry Potter Wet Bags Product Features

  • Includes 2 x wet bags
  • Size: 30cm x 35cm
  • Machine washable
  • Waterproof
  • Stain resistent 
  • Reusable 
  • Durable
  • Light weight
  • Zip close
  • Snap-close looped handle


Ditch plastic bags for these fun, bright and top quality wet bags that are made from easy-wipe, waterproof fabric.

Made with heat-sealed seams for true waterproof protection. What does this mean? Instead of the edge of the bag being sewn, leaving potential gaps for fluid and smells to leak out, the edges have been melted together with heat, making them fully sealed yet without any nasty chemical glues.

A smooth zipper closure locks away the mess while single-ply construction means no worrying about icky stuff growing between layers of fabric.

Features a snap handle allowing you to attach it to just about anything.  This is perfect for attaching to school bags, pushchairs and gym equipment.


      Care Instructions For Your Bumkins Harry Potter Wet Bag

      So we know that there's a good chance that these bags are going to be used for some pretty icky stuff. Baby poo, spilt food, mud etc, so being able to clean them is really important. And we'll all busy so the easier the better right? Don't worry, Bumkins have really thought this through...

      To wash, simply turn inside out and rinse if needed, then throw your wet bag into the washing machine on a warm wash. You can even tumble dry on low. 


      Love Bumkins?

      Complete your Bumkins reusable bag set with a matching sandwich bag or a pair of snack bags. We also have themed snack bag sets for those who love superheroes and Harry Potter.

      Want to learn more about Bumkins?  Visit their website here.