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Eco Scrubs - Twin pack - Good Change

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Eco Scrubs - Twin Pack - From The Good Change Store NZ

Eco Scrubs - The great eco alternative that every kitchen sink needs.

We all love a good sponge scourer right?! Soft and gentle cleaning on one side, then you just flip it over if you need some extra abrasion for those stubborn bits of dried on food.

But... did you know that your yellow and green go-to scrubber is made from synthetic plastic based materials? Sniff it... I bet it stinks too. 

Don't worry though, this twin pack of eco scrubs will do the same job but is 100% compostable giving you that zero waste confidence. 

Made from cellulose (wood pulp) and loofah plants. 


Why You'll Love These Eco Scrubs

The Good Change Store NZ have thoughtfully created an eco alternative to the usual green and yellow scourers we've all used. With a soft sponge on one side for gentle cleaning and a loofah scourer on the other for the harder to remove bits of dried food. 

Made from 100% natural materials so that when you're done you can throw them into your compost bin or even simply bury them in the garden.

Zero waste = Zero guilt.

  • Sponge made from cellulose (wood pulp)
  • Scourer made from loofah plants
  • Plastic Free
  • Dishwasher/washing machine safe
  • No nasty glue - the two components have been hand stitched together


How To Look After Your Eco Scrubs

After each use wash with hot soapy water and then rinse. Store upright in a place where the eco scrubs can dry out. If needed, you can wash your eco scrubs in the dishwasher or washing machine.