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    PM2.5 Face Mask Filters - 10 pack

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    PM2.5 Face Mask Filters - 10 pack

    These PM2.5 filters can be used with face masks that have a filter pocket. The filters give you extra protection which is advisable for those who are high risk, or for when social distancing is difficult, e.g on buses and trains.

    The filters contain five specially designed layers to keep out PM2.5 particles and a range of airborne contaminants.

     As the filters hold onto the particles they capture, they do need to be replaced periodically to ensure that they continue to give you the best protection possible.

    ** PLEASE NOTE - These filters can NOT be washed and reused. Replace after 16-24 hours of use. (This means that if you only wear your mask and filter for 1 hour a day, the filter will need to be replaced every 2-3 weeks.)


    ADULT PM2.5 Face Mask Filter - Product Details

    • Includes 10 x PM2.5 Filters
    • 5 Layers
    • Size 12cm x 8cm (approx)

    KIDS PM2.5 Face Mask Filter - Product Details

    • Includes 10 x PM2.5 Filters
    • 5 Layers
    • Size 10cm x 7cm (approx)

    Do I Need To Use PM2.5 Filters With My Face Mask?

    To be honest, this is down to personal choice and circumstance. If you are comfortable wearing masks and want to be as protected as possible then adding a filter to your face mask is a good idea. 

    The filters can also be popped in and out, so you could use one whilst on the bus/train when there are lots of people around you, but then not use one when you're at work and moving around a lot, but are able to keep your distance.