Go Bamboo Cotton Buds

Go Bamboo cotton buds are essential for every bathroom cupboard.
The bamboo sticks are surprisingly strong.

Sticks are made from sustainable bamboo and the tips from pure cotton.
Both bamboo and cotton can be composted.

Box includes 200 cotton buds. 

Box made from recycled cardboard.


Bamboo Cotton Buds

From Go Bamboo

Cotton buds are an essential home item with a great many uses.  You no longer need to use plastic cotton buds now that these bamboo ones are available.

When you're finished with them, simply pop them into your compost bin.


Bamboo Cotton Buds Product Features

  • Box includes 200 cotton buds
  • Made from sustainable bamboo with our cotton tips
  • Compostable
  • Box made from recycled cardboard.

Why choose Go Bamboo?

Go Bamboo recognises that small plastic items such as clothes pegs and cotton buds can end up in our oceans when they are blown by the wind, or dropped and washed away by rain water through our storm drain system. Go Bamboo is serious about keeping plastic off our coastlines and beaches and out of our oceans and so has created a range of natural bamboo alternatives.