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Hair Brush

If like me you have thick or long hair then I'm sure you find that many plastic hair brushes just don't stand up to the task. 

Do you find that the bristles fall out, bend or melt when you blow dry your hair?

Or those pesky little balls on the end of metal bristles fall off and scratch your head. Ouch!  

If you're nodding your head to this, I feel you.  I was in the exact same situation. Until I tried a wooden hair brush.  I couldn't believe it worked so well AND could be composted at the end of its life.

When it's time to replace your old hair brush, give this bamboo hair brush a go.  It will be one of those eco-swaps you'll never go back on. 

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    Bamboo Hair Brush

    From CaliWoods

    CaliWoods Bamboo hair brush is a 100% plastic free and sustainably made beauty product.

    Made from bamboo (handle and bristles) and natural rubber (cushion) you can feel confident that you've made a great eco-choice.  

    Product Specifications

    • Brush size - 22.5 x 7 x 3cm
    • Lightweight - 65g
    • Handcrafted
    • Plastic free
    • Made from bamboo and natural rubber

    How are Bamboo Hair Brushes Better Than Plastic Ones?

    • Let's start by talking about the materials.  Bamboo is one of the most sustainable natural materials available.  It grows really fast, without any need for chemicals and can be easily crafted into so many things.  Natural rubber has the added bonus of being durable, antibacterial, hypoallergenic AND it repels dust mites.  Plastic is... well plastic.  It lasts forever and is often made so cheaply that it doesn't hold up to the job.
    • Now let's talk about performance.  Plastic brushes can cause static electricity causing your hair to stand up.  This then leads to you using more hair products to tame your hair (all of which come in plastic bottles) which can't be good long term on your hair, body or bank balance.  A bamboo hair brush has thicker, smooth bristles which glide more easily through your hair, and the rounded ends and soft rubber cushioning means that every time you brush your hair, your head gets a lovely gentle massage.  This promotes the release of natural oils making your hair naturally shinier and healthier.

    Why choose a CaliWoods product?

    CaliWoods is a small business created by Shay Lawrence, a nature and travelling enthusiast.  On her travels around the world, Shay was astonished as to how many bits of plastic could be found everywhere!  Even in the most remote corners of paradise.  CaliWoods exists because she believes there’s a better way to do things. “We aren’t perfect, but we are working hard to make a sustainable life easier and exciting through awesome eco products, fresh ideas and motivating information” – Shay Lawrence.

    How to dispose of your bamboo hair brush?

    The bamboo handle and bristles can be composted in your bin at home.  So too can the natural rubber cushioning, but this may take a significant amount of time.  You can try cutting it up into smaller pieces to help speed up the process. 

    Natural rubber can also be recycled.  But check with your local recycling before putting it into your recycling bin.

    Want to know more about CaliWoods.  Visit their website here.