Small KeepCup Original - 227ml/8oz

        • Are you looking for a reusable cup but glass isn't a good option? A KeepCup Original cup is a great choice!

          They also have the added benefit of being lightweight.
          A really great choice for the kids.

          Also available in the same size in glass.

          Or, even you need a bigger size, take a look at our artist designed CuppaCoffeeCup range.

          • Lightweight
          • Durable
          • BPA free
          • All components are recyclable
          • Anti-leak technology
          • Dishwasher Safe


          KeepCup Original cups are available in a variety of colours.

        • KeepCup Original coffee cups can be washed by hand with soapy water or popped into the dishwasher.  

          Note: It is recommended that you only put your KeepCup onto the top shelf of your dishwasher.


    Small KeepCup Original - 227ml/8oz

    These small original KeepCups are great for so many reasons.  Their small size and weight means that they can fit into small bags and won’t weigh you down throughout the day.

    They also make the perfect reusable cups for kids, allowing them to join you in living a waste free lifestyle whilst you’re out and about during weekends and holidays.

    Lightweight, durable and easy to clean, what more could you need from a reusable cup?

    Is a small Original KeepCup the right choice for you?

    Do you want a KeepCup but don’t trust yourself with glass whilst out and about?
    Do you have children who want to get on board with reusable cups during your family days out? Or are you the one who ends up carrying everyones reusable cups and need a lightweight option to stop weighing down your bag?

    Enjoy your take away coffees with zero guilt and zero waste!