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Food Pouches & Recipe Book Bundle - Little Mashies

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Baby Food Recipe Book & Food Pouch Bundle

From Little Mashies

Looking after a baby is exhausting! And although we want to do the absolute best for our babies, it can be really hard when we're sleep deprived and in constant demand. 

This recipe book and food pouch bundle is the ultimate set to help support you when your baby starts eating solids. 

The recipe book has over 100 pages of simple recipes, taking you through the three stages of introducing solid foods, with beautiful full-colour photos.

The pack of ten reusable food pouches from Little Mashies compliment this book perfectly. They are a great solution to storing your bulk batches of meals in the fridge or freezer, ready to be pulled out to feed your baby whether at home or out and about.

 Both this baby food recipe book and the reusable food pouches have been created by Talisha Kendell. She is the creator of the digestive hope video series and author of the popular "Tummy Buggies" Talisha has a passion for healthy eating and has helped tens of thousands of families from all over the world.

Makes A Wonderful Baby Shower Gift

Baby shower gifts are usually full of tiny clothes that babies outgrow within a month or two. Imagine giving a gift that is both useful and supportive, saving a tired mum time and hassle, whilst also helping to feed a baby healthy and wholesome food. 

Nothing Beats Healthy Home Made Food

Did you know that most supermarket bought baby foods are heated to such high temperatures to preserve them, that most of the nutrients are lost during this process. 

Most of them are also packed full of sweet fruits so that babies gobble them up, but sometimes the level of sugar is actually quite astonishing! Babies don't need this much sweet food so early. Those early months are so important for your baby. The relationship they have with food throughout their lives starts now at this young age.

Prep, Store and Grab When Needed 

Most of the recipes in this book can be prepared in advance and then frozen until needed. This is where the Little Mashies Food Pouches come in. Portion the meals into the pouches and freeze. Then when needed, grab a pouch, re-heat (if needed) and feed baby, either with a spoon or straight from the pouch.

Babies Just Love Food Pouches

Babies love to be independent and mums love to being hands free! Babies can hold these food pouches and feed themselves with very little mess, leaving mum to enjoy some hands free time.

Leading brand of reusable food pouches

Little Mashies reusable baby food pouches are made from the highest quality, BPA free, components.  They are fitted with their famous anti-leak double ziplock and have choke-free lids to ensure that your little ones stay safe.


Why choose this Baby Recipe Book By Talisha Kendell?

Talisha Kendell is a mum diagnosed with a severe illness that restricts her diet. She went about discovering the true nutritional value of store bought food for herself, which moved onto baby food when she became a mum for the first time.  Talisha quickly realised that although convenient, store bought food pouches, even the organic and seemingly healthy ones, were always filled with mostly sugary fruit, or sweet vegetables. Rarely was the meat content above 10% and every yogurt pouch had added sugar, and there was absolutely no guarantee that the food in the pouches was even fresh.  This began her mission of making easy recipes and convenient food pouches so that mums could fill them with their own fresh and healthy foods.

Note about Safety - Little Mashies food pouches are not recommended for microwave use.