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Little Mashies Food Pouches - Singles

        • Don't need 10 food pouches?  Will just one or two pouches be enough?

          Our single reusable food pouches are available in green, orange and purple.

          Fill with pre-bought yogurts or cereals, or make your own smoothies, purees, custards and more!

          Also available as a 10 pack.

          • Dishwasher Safe
          • Freezer Safe
          • BPA, Phthalate and PVC free.
          • Anti-leak technology
          • Strong and durable
          • 11cm, double zip-lock
          • Choke proof caps


        • First remove lid and rinse out to remove food.

          Then either handwash with soapy water and a bottle brush or Pop them into the dishwasher.

          Note: Be sure to stand up over 2-3 prongs to ensure that the pouches stay open during the was cycle.

          Leave to fully dry before putting away.

    Little Mashies Reusable Food Pouches

    Little Mashies food pouches are a fantastic way to save money and reduce the amount of plastic waste you throw away every week. They're also amazing for feeding your baby or children wherever you are. 

    Feeding your little one can be easy, mess free and fun!

    Kids just love eating out of these cute and fun reusable food pouches.  They're great for lunchboxes, breakfast on the run or for keeping your little ones happy whilst you're out and about.


    What can Reusable Food Pouches be used for?

    Baby Food - Save money and know exactly what your baby is eating by preparing your own baby food at home.  Portion into these food pouches and store them either in the fridge or freezer until you need them. 

    Please note: please re-heat food using a bowl/jug of hot water.  It is not recommended that you put Little Mashies food pouches into the microwave.

    Toddlers - We all know that toddlers need to be distracted when you're out and about.  Store their favourites yogurt, smoothies and have a healthy snack on hand whenever you need it.

    Kids Lunchboxes - Does your child take a yogurt to kindy/school for lunch?  Stop wasting money on individual yogurts and buy a 1kg tub instead.  Portion into reusable pouches and store in the fridge or freezer until needed.  Frozen pouches also double up as an ice pack in summer to keep lunches nice and cool. 


    Note about Safety - Little Mashies food pouches are not recommended for microwave use.