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MyCup™ Menstrual Cup + Love Luna Period Underwear

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MyCup™ Menstrual Cup + Love Luna Period Underwear Bundle 

Bundle includes;

  • 1 x My Cup menstrual cup
  • 3 x Love Luna period underwear 

This is a great starter pack if you'd like to start using a menstrual cup. The period underwear are great to wear as a back up, or on your lighter days without the cup. 


More About MyCup™ Menstrual Cups

Menstrual cups are the future in period products. They are a zero waste option and one cup will last for 10 years, saving you $100's.

The brand 'My Cup' is NZ owned and operated who not only support the local economy but who also support the community by donating products to reduce period poverty in NZ.

My Cup menstrual cups are manufactured right here in NZ using only the highest quality medical grade silicone. 


What Size Menstrual Cup Do I Need?

My Cup Size 1
My Cup menstrual cup - size 1

Perfect for women of all ages. They are a great choice if you have never used a menstrual cup before and/or you usually use small or regular tampons

  • Fluid capacity of 22-29ml (4-6 tampons)
  • Length of cup only – 44.5mm
  • Width – 42mm
My Cup Size 2
My Cup menstrual cup - size 2.

Perfect for women who usually use super tampons or who currently use a larger sized menstrual cup.

  • Fluid capacity of 31-40ml (6-8 tampons)
  • Length of cup only – 51mm
  • Width – 46mm



More About Love Luna Period Underwear

What menstrual cups are to tampons, period underwear is to disposable pads. 

Period underwear is simply a pair of underwear with a built in pad. You can wear them on their own during your period, but some women also use them as a menstrual cup back up.

What makes this period underwear so magic is its super comfortable pad, that has four different layers, each with its very own purpose.

Four layers of a pair of Love Luna period underwear.

1. Soft cotton lining - This is the layer of fabric that sits right against your skin. Love Luna have chosen to use a soft and natural fabric for this layer to ensure that you get the best comfort possible.

2. Absorbent pad - This layer absorbs your menstrual blood, drawing it away from your skin and holding it there until rinsed away. In the full brief this pad is longer than the ones built into the Midi or Bikini briefs. This makes this style of period underwear the best choice for heavier flows or for wearing at night when you might leak out the back of a regular sized pad.

3. Waterproof layer - This layer sits between the absorbent pad and the outer cotton of the period underwear. It ensures that you don't leak through the outer fabric ensuring that you stay confident and leak free!

4. Outer cotton lining - This is the layer that makes up the entire pair of briefs. From the outside, they look like a normal pair of underwear. Made from soft cotton, these full briefs are super comfortable.


What Are The Different Styles Of Period Underwear?

Bikini Briefs

A graphic of Love Luna bikini briefs.

Love Luna have designed these bikini briefs to look and feel just like every day underwear giving you the comfort and leak free confidence you deserve. They are the prettiest of the three styles with the cute lace trim. 


Midi Briefs

A graphic of Love Luna midi briefs.

Love Luna's Midi Brief are great for active living, sports, teens or for women who simply want a little bit more bum coverage. The midi style has slightly more fabric to it than the bikini style. Covering a little bit more of your bum and belly.


Full Briefs

A graphic of Love Luna full briefs.

Full briefs from Love Luna are perfect for wearing at night, for new mums, for those with a heavier flow and for women who just like big comfy pants!

The full briefs have been designed with comfort in mind. They are made from soft cotton and have a high waist band.


Love Luna Period Underwear Size Guide

Please note: Period underwear can not be refunded or exchanged due to hygiene reasons. So please choose your size carefully.

Love Luna period underwear size guide.