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Produce Pouches


Do you want to shop for your fruit and veggies without the guilt of using single-use bags?

These reusable pouches are the perfect zero-waste alternative. 

They are easy to use and easy to clean.

Made from a durable, stretchy and virtually weightless mesh fabric, one pouch can easily hold 3kgs.

You can purchase, wash, drain AND store your fruit and veggies without having to take them out of the pouches.  The breathable fabric will also help to keep your produce fresh for longer.

Bag Size: 30cm x 21cm
Bag weight: 14g


Reusable Produce Pouches

From Pouch Products


Using produce pouches will make you feel good EVERY time you shop for your fruit and veggies. They are the must-have item to add to your reusable bag collection.

The produce pouch is extremely versatile. 

Try using them for;

  • bulk food items,
  • sprouting beans,
  • straining nut milk,
  • making cheese and yogurt,
  • straining jams and jellies,
  • scrubbing dirt/coatings from your produce,
  • drying herbs,
  • storing bulbs and tubers,
  • or straining compost teas for the garden.

    Produce Pouches Product Features

    • Size 30cm x 21cm
    • Weight 14g per pouch
    • Made from polyester/spandex

      Why choose Pouch Products?

      Pouch products are a family owned and operated business. They use locally sourced materials as much as they possibly can to ensure that their carbon footprint is kept to a minimum. They also have a ‘low waste’ policy. This means that they use unique patterns when cutting their fabrics to ensure that they create as little waste as possible. Any small fabric trimmings that are left over are either composted or repurposed. Pouch products are creating great reusable products always with sustainability in mind.

      Caring for your Produce Pouches.

      Simply machine wash in cold water and then line dry.