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    Cotton Face Mask - Adult

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    Reusable Cotton Face Mask - Adult

    If you'd prefer to have an all cotton face mask, then these are the ones for you. Made with 3 layers of 100% cotton, fabric.

    Face masks are also available in the following options;

    These comfortable cotton face masks give you protection from large droplets and germ particles. The 3 layers of 100% cotton fabric help to maintain the shape of the mask as you wear it, keeping it snug around the edges but also making it comfortable to breathe. However, as with all reusable face masks, these are not for medical use.


    Reusable Face Mask - Product Details

    • 3 Layers of 100% cotton
    • With filter pocket (for PM2.5 face mask filters)
    • Adjustable nose boning
    • Adjustable ear loops
    • Extra seam under chin
    • Size 22cm x 14cm (approx)
    • Washable and reusable


    What Does The WHO Recommend?

    Taken directly from the WHO - 'Check for filtration, breathability and fit when choosing a fabric mask. It should be held in place comfortably with little adjustment using elastic bands or ties. There are different mask shapes such as flat-fold or duckbill – find the one that fits closely over your nose, cheeks and chin. When the edges of the mask are not close to the face and shift, such as when speaking, air penetrates through the edges of the mask rather than being filtered through the fabric. Masks with vents or exhalation valves are not advised because they allow unfiltered breath to escape the mask.

    Fabric masks should be made of three layers of fabric:

    • Inner layer of absorbent material, such as cotton.
    • Middle layer of non-woven non-absorbent material, such as polypropylene.
    • Outer layer of non-absorbent material, such as polyester or polyester blend.'

    Care Instructions For Your Reusable Face Mask

    It is recommended that you wash after every use. 
    Wash in warm or cold water and then air dry. Do NOT tumble dry.

    Please note: we can not offer exchanges or refunds on face masks due to hygiene reasons. 


    Do I Need The Additional PM2.5 Filter?

    If you find yourself in situations where you can't social distance from others, e.g on buses and trains, then it is recommended that you use a PM2.5 filter during these times. 

    These face masks have a built in pocket to easily slide a filter into and keep it in place until you want to take it out.