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Wooden Soap Dish

Imagine how gorgeous this wooden soap dish will look next to your sink.

If you've been swapping out bottles of soaps for solid bars then you will need a soap dish to help prolong the life of your solid soap bars.

Why? Because wet soaps, go soft and smushy. (That's a word right?) The next time you pick up your wet bar of soap, you'll use way more than you actually need, using it up much more quickly. 

A wooden soap dish will help all the water drain away from your soap bars, allowing them to fully dry between uses.

Great for dish soaps, shampoo bars and hand/body soaps.

Size: 11.5cm x 8cm


Wooden Soap Dish - Product Features

  • Made from sustainable sourced bamboo
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to clean - simply wipe with warm water