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    Rainbow Pegs - Bento Ninja

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    Stainless Steel Rainbow Pegs

    From Bento Ninja

    So you know that you want some stainless steel pegs, but which ones?  Plain silver or rainbow coloured?

    Stainless steel pegs are going to last you a really long time. Years and years and years! So why not treat yourself to some that are a little bit more special?

    Marine Grade Stainless Steel Rainbow Pegs will brighten up your washing routine for sure. AND... they are super strong pegs that will last you forever!


    Rainbow Pegs Product Features

    • 5.9cm x 1.5cm
    • 2mm wire diameter
    • Stainless steel 316 with PVD coating
    • From Bento Ninja NZ 


    Are you sick of plastic pegs breaking? Are you wanting to make a more sustainable choice? Do you love colour? Then these gorgeous rainbow stainless steel pegs are perfect for you.

    They will never break or go mouldy - these really are quality clothes pegs from Bento Ninja that are sure to last you a lifetime. Buy these and feel confident that you will never need to buy pegs again!


    Why Are Rainbow Pegs More Expensive?

      Rainbow pegs from Bento Ninja are made from marine grade stainless steel. This is a higher grade of stainless steel meaning that they are a better quality that can even withstand salty sea air and will not rust. The pegs are also made with a thicker wire than standard pegs, making them even stronger!

      Another benefit of the rainbow pegs is the special PVD coating that gives thje pegs their colour and the added strength and durability, making these the ultimate clothes pegs!

      What is PVD Coating?

      The Physical Vapour Deposition (PVD) process used to coat stainless steel is an environmentally friendly coating option when compared to electroplating or painting. There are no gases, water waste or other residues released during the process.

      PVD coated pegs are fully recyclable.

      Care Instructions For Your Rainbow Pegs

      It is recommended that you wash your stainless steel rainbow pegs from Bento Ninja every six months to ensure that they stay sparkling and clean. Bird poo, spider webs and general outdoor debris can tarnish your pegs over time. But don't worry, simply pop the pegs into a bag and throw them into the washing machine with a normal load of washing. Just be sure that they can't come out of the bag during the wash as this could damage your machine.


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