About Us

Hello eco-warrior, welcome to Reuseful.

Are you looking for one place to get all of your eco-products?
Are you fed up paying shipping fees for each and every product you buy because they're all from different places?

We Love Making It Easier For You!

We love making it easy for you to choose quality eco-alternatives and to have them all in one place.  We even offer free shipping for orders over $60.


Do you live at a rural address?  How annoying is it to be charged extra shipping costs every time you order online?  Not here.  Even if you don't take advantage of our free shipping offer, we still have a flat rate shipping fee of $6 to ensure that there's no nasty surprises waiting for you at our check out.

We love supporting kiwis.

There are some amazing Kiwis out there with great ingenuity and we love to help support them and their businesses.  Especially when they have an eco-ethos like ours.

Most of the products you find at Reuseful are from those Kiwis.  Supporting Local is a big drive of ours.  And when we can't find a particular product in New Zealand we then look over the Tasman at our neighbours.


Our Kiwi Eco-Brands;

Bento NinjaCaliWoods • CuppaCoffeeCup • The Eco-Brush • The Green Collective • Honeywrap • Kai Carrier • Munch • My Cup • Pouch Products • Rethink  


Plastic Free Packaging

How disappointing is it when you order an eco-product to have it arrive on your doorstep packaged in single-use plastic?  Infuriating right! 
Our plastic free packaging policy contains only brown kraft paper, cotton twine, paper based tape, home compostable (plant based) courier bags and re-used cardboard boxes.  Sometimes our packaging may not be pretty, but it is eco-conscious!


We're all busy right, but we also want to make good choices that positively impact our planet.  Just like you, we've been on our own eco-mission.  But we know that it's not necessarily easy and it doesn't happen overnight. 

My family and I use almost all of the products we stock here at Reuseful.  If we wouldn't spend our hard earned cash on them, why would you?  

We're proud of our eco-range.  They are quality, tried and tested (by a real family with young children) products, that help you to reduce your house-hold waste.


New To Eco-Friendly Living? 

Are you confused about where to start your eco-journey?  Don't worry, we all had to start somewhere.  Browse our eco-range and see what takes your fancy.  Being motivated to make a swap is always the best way to begin.  

Or try some simple swaps such as a reusable coffee cup, produce bags or beeswax wraps.  

If you still need some advice, please get in touch. I am always happy to help.


Excellent Customer Service 

Reuseful is a one-woman business, meaning you deal with one person all of the time. I package your orders, answer your emails and am available to support you in any way that I can.  That means you get one on one consistent service, every time!  (There's no pretending Barbara in another department didn't pass on your message here!)  

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 Kelly owner of Reuseful NZ