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Wool Dryer Balls - Pure NZ Wool

7 reviews

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Wool Dryer Balls - Pure NZ Wool

From Brolly Sheets

Pack includes 4 balls and a cotton bag.

How would you like to reduce your dryers running time, saving energy and money?

That's exactly what these dryer balls do - by up to 50%!

Hypoallergenic, chemical-free and naturally softens your clothes!

Made of pure NZ wool.

Includes: 4 dryer balls
Size:7.5cm diameter


You NEED These NZ Wool Dryer Balls

If you have a dryer, then you honestly need these dryer balls. They reduce the drying time needed, reducing your energy consumption and therefore your electricity bill too! They last for years so even if you only use your dryer on the odd occasion, these are certainly worth having on hand.


How Do Wool Dryer Balls Work?

You throw them in the dryer with your washing and then as everything tumbles around the balls get in between clothes breaking up clumps and creating more pockets of air. This then allows the heated air to move between your clothes better, heating the water on your clothes and allowing it to evaporate out more efficiently.

NZ Wool Dryer Balls Product Information

  • Pack Size – 4 balls
  • Ball size - 7.5cm diameter
  • Made from densely felted Pure NZ wool (see photo)
  • Handcrafted in Kathmandu
  • Lasts for over 1500 dryer loads


How Many Dryer Balls Do I Need?

For most normal loads of clothes, four dryer balls are sufficient. For heavier and larger loads or dryers, you may want to try adding more balls.


How To Care For Your Wool Dryer Balls

Your dryer balls may feel damp after being used in the dryer. Pop them somewhere to air dry before putting them away.

The dryer balls may pile a little after several uses. This is perfectly normal and does not effect their use. If you prefer, you can remove the piles with a safety razor, otherwise they can be left as is.


What If My Machine Has A Timer That I Need To Set Manually?

If you need to set a timer on your dryer, then start by reducing the time by 20%. So your usual 1hr 30m load could be set at 1hr 10m instead. If it came out dry, next time try setting it at 1hr, then 50mins, until you find your dryers sweet spot.

Please note: drying times will differ with each machine, load size and types of fabrics.

Want to learn more about these dryer balls from Brolly Sheets? You can visit their website here.


Reviews For Our Wool Dryer Balls

Read what customers have said about their experience with these NZ wool dryer balls.

Customer Reviews
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    New Zealand New Zealand

    Wool Dryer balls

    I love that I’m using a natural product instead of the old plastic balls. As advertised these wool balls do shorten the drying time and, with the addition of a few drops of essential oil’s my bath towels come out of the dryer soft with a delicate fragrance.

    New Zealand New Zealand

    Saving us money!

    It's true, my washing is being dried much faster than it was. Thanks for suggesting these Kelly.


    Reuseful NZ

    Yay! Thanks for trusting my advice Juanita. i'm so glad you love these balls as much as I do.

    Jeff T.
    New Zealand New Zealand

    Lived up to its promises

    Very satisfied with purchase and has lived up to its promises. I pay my power weekly and have noticed no increase in the weekly bill even though im using the drier more due to the weather. Great product. A little investment that will save power and drying time. Something so simple yet very effective. Im looking at other products that will also save time and are reusable.

    Ellen W.
    New Zealand New Zealand

    Good dryer balls, easy to use

    The dryer balls were bigger than expected. Very easy to use, just pop them in the dryer with your clothes, and the laundry comes out softer than it would without dryer balls. However time will tell if they actually make the dryer use less power. Ordering was quick and easy, and with s sweet little note from Kelly

    Sharlene R.
    New Zealand New Zealand

    Amazing service!

    Kelly was so helpful and prompt with her communication. I purchased a gift for a friend and she was happy to wrap it and write my message for no extra charge. I will happily purchase from her again