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    Peg Hanger - Stainless Steel - Bento Ninja

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    Stainless Steel Peg Hanger

    From Bento Ninja

    *Marine Grade = Rust Proof*

    Is it time to replace your plastic hanger?

    Invest in this stainless steel peg hanger from Bento Ninja and you will NEVER need to replace it.


    Stainless Steel Peg Hanger Product Details

    • Marine Grade Stainless Steel - Rust proof
    • Contains 36 pegs
    • 40 x 30cm diameter
    • Holds up to 2kg
    • From Bento Ninja NZ 

    This marine grade stainless steel laundry peg hanger is perfect to dry those smaller laundry items such as socks, undies, cloth nappies, nappy inserts and cloths pads.  Come rain or shine, this hanger will give you more room to dry your washing indoors or outside.

    This rectangular peg hanger has 36 stainless steel pegs.

      Why You Should invest In A Stainless Steel Peg Hanger?

      Plastic laundry hangers weaken and become damaged over time, meaning that you have to replace them time and time again. With a stainless steel laundry hanger, it is a once in a lifetime purchase.  Not only that, but it's eco-friendly too!  No more bits of broken plastic falling off and ending up, who knows where.  And should you ever decide to dispose of it, 100% of it can be recycled.

      Buy once and buy quality!


      Care Instructions For Your Peg Hanger?

      This marine grade laundry hanger from Bento Ninja can be left outside, but we recommend that you store it indoors when not in use. 

      Every 6 months or so, give your laundry hanger a soapy wash to remove any debris that might be collecting. This will ensure that your hanger stays looking fabulous.

      Please also take extra care if you live near the ocean or in a high sulphur area.  


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