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Dish Scrubber - Go Bamboo

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Dish Scrubber from Go Bamboo

This dish scrubber is perfect for  cleaning away those tough dried on bits of food.

Do you get overcooked food stuck to the bottom of your pan? Or maybe you've left the hob uncleaned for a little too long? Don't worry, this dish scrubber will do the job.

And... as it's made from coconut fibres and steel you can be confident that no tiny bits of plastic will be washed down the sink and end up in our rivers or oceans. 


How To Dispose Of The Dish Scrubber

Once the dish scrubber has come to the ends of it's life, grab a pair of pliers to untwist the steel wire holding all the bristles together. Pull out all of the bristles and compost them. The steel wire can then recycled.


Why Choose A Go Bamboo Product?

Go Bamboo is a small NZ business in Gisborne with a real passion for doing its part to reduce micro-plastics in our waterways and oceans. Go Bamboo recognises that small plastic items such as clothes pegs, cotton buds and bits from cleaning brushes/sponges can end up in our oceans.  Go Bamboo is serious about reducing plastic consumption and hopes to help make some eco swaps easy for people just like you.