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    Eco Dish Soap Bar - Nil Products

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    Eco Dish Soap Bar

    From Munch cupboard

    Are you ready to ditch another plastic bottle from your home?

    Imagine your kitchen sink free from all plastic.

    Here's another easy eco swap for you. Replace your bottles of washing up liquid for this 100% natural eco dish soap bar. Made right here in New Zealand. 

    Each bar of dish soap is the equivalent of 4 bottles of washing up liquid.

    Ingredients:  100% natural coconut soap
    Size:  90g 

    Available in; lemongrass, peppermint and unscented.


    Please note: Munch and Nil brands are owned by the same people, and they are currently swapping over the branding for the dish soap from 'Munch' to 'Nil'. But please know, it is the same dish soap in new packaging.


    Eco Dish Soap Bar - Product Info

    • Vegan
    • Natural
    • Ethically made
    • Cruelty free
    • Made in New Zealand
    • Plastic free


    How To Use A Solid Dish Soap Bar

    This is a slight change in how you usually fill the sink ready to wash up. But it's not a huge difference. Instead of squirting liquid into the sink, you just need to hold the dish soap under the running tap, or swish it around in the water. Just like liquid, you'll quickly figure out how much soap you need.

    If you're just washing up one or two items, you can simply rub some dish soap onto your cloth or brush and then wash up as usual.

    Or... Try A Dish Soap Cage

    Keep your dish soap in a cage like this one. This dish soap cage actually serves two purposes. It keeps your hands from getting wet and soapy before you're ready to actually wash up. And it allows the dish soap to fully dry between uses, prolonging how long it'll last.

    A stainless steel square cage with a handle to hold your solid bar of dish soap.   A bar of dish soap sitting in an open dish soap cage,


    No Detergent = No Bubbles 

    The detergents usually found in bottles of washing up liquids do the job, there's no arguments there, but they are bad for the environment. We wash them away down the plug hole, but that doesn't mean that they disappear. No detergents means this soap doesn't create bubbles, but there's a benefit to that. No bubbles mean there's no need to rinse. One less job!

    This dish soap has been created by Munch. Want to learn more about them? You can visit their ‘about’ page right here.


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