Probiotic Laundry Soap

      • Hannahpad’s probiotic laundry soap has been specially formulated to be the perfect soap for cleaning your reusable cloth pads.

        Wash your cloth pads with the comfort of knowing you are not using any nasty chemicals on your pads or releasing them into the environment.

        Weight: 200g

        Also available Hannahpad's stain remover.

        • Plant Based Natural Oil 77% (Soybean and Coconut Oil)
        • Lye 10%
        • Probiotics 6%
        • Water 6%
        • Bamboo Vinegar 1% 
      • How to wash your Hannahpads with the Probiotic Soap 

        1. Rinse your Hannahpads as soon as possible after wearing them to remove any discharge. 
        2. Lather some Probiotic EM Soap into your cloth pads.
        3. Leave your Hannahpads to soak in cold water for a minimum of 6 hours.  Can be left for up to 48 hours. No need to rinse. 
        4. Wash by hand or machine wash in cold water. 
        5. Dry in direct sunlight where possible as it helps to kill bacteria and reduce staining.


Hannahpad's Probiotic Laundry Soap - 200g

Hannahpad's probiotic laundry soap, has been especially designed for you to clean your reusable cloth pads.

Developed by EM (Effective Microorganism) Technology the probiotic soap uses naturally occurring beneficial microorganisms to promote good bacteria and clean away the bad ones. 


How do I wash my Hannahpads with the laundry soap?

1. Rinse your Hannahpads as soon as possible after wearing them to remove any discharge. Use cold water as hot water causes blood stains to set.
2. Rub your bar of Probiotic Laundry Soap into your Hannahpad's and rub to form a lather.  Don't rinse.
3. Fill a tub or bucket with cold water and leave your Hannahpads to soak for between 6 and 48 hours.
4. Wash by hand or machine wash in cold water. 
5. Dry in the sun where possible as it is a natural antibacterial. A laundry hanger can make drying your pads easy.

To keep your Hannahpad's looking great for as long as possible please stick to these simple guidelines;
- Do not bleach. 
- Do not dry clean.  
- Do not tumble dry/machine dry. 
- Do not use fabric softener.

After washing your Hannahpads you must dry them as quickly as possible to avoid them becoming mouldy. 
Drying them in the sun immediately after washing is the best solution to avoiding mould. Ensure they are fully dry before storing. If your pads do become mouldy you can soak them in a solution of vinegar or borax. 
Please follow the manufacturers instructions carefully. 
For your health & hygiene, do not use your Hannahpad if any mould is present. If mould persists dispose of your Hannahpad.  It is each individuals responsibility to wash and maintain their pads once purchased. 
Hannahpad or Reuseful does NOT take responsibility for the incorrect use and/or washing and care of the product.

But don’t let this put you off, caring for Hannahpads is easy, and you don’t wear mouldy undies do you!

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    Functions well and is large with good ingredients

    It's quite large and lathers up a lot with just a few wipes into damp cloth. I used it on nappy inserts too. The customer service was great as always. I like using the soap but my skin is slightly sensitive to it even though it has the best ingredients and no chemicals so I think it's just my skin. The ingredients are great and it's only the basics but no additives and big words or numbers. Will definitely shop here more though because everything is good quality and Kelly is very easy to talk to. I buy a lot of the pads and love those. Plus other things.