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    Bloody Awesome Stain Remover Bar - Down Under Wash Co

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    Bloody Awesome Stain Remover Bar

    From Down Under Wash Co

    Bar Size: 150g

    This amazing stain removing laundry bar has been created to be super powerful using only natural ingredients. 

    The addition of the high alkaline powder also makes this perfect for cleaning poo from reusable nappies and blood from reusable period pads and undies.


    • Sodium Cocoate (Coconut Oil)
    • Sodium Ricate (Rice Oil)
    • Water
    • Alkaline Powder

     Also available as a stain removing powder.

    The Fragrance Free option is great for babies and those with sensitive skin, whilst the Sweet Orange is great for those who love a scent.

    This Bloody Awesome stain remover bar is magic on blood, vomit, vaginal discharge, sweat, poo, dirt, oil, fat, grease and more!!!

      How To Use Bloody Awesome Stain Remover

      1. Wet the bar and stained area on the fabric.
      2. Rub the bar into the stain to create a lather.
      3. Rinse or continue with your usual wash in the machine.

      Note: To lift tough stains, leave to soak after lathering. Multiple applications may be required.


      Storing Your Stain Remover Bar

      Allow to fully dry between uses. We recommend using a soap dish with drainage holes such as this bamboo dish or this stainless steel dish.



      Keep out of reach of children.
      For laundry use only.


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