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    DIY Beeswax Wrap Kit - Honeywrap

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    DIY Beeswax Wrap Kit - Make Your Own Reusable Food Wraps

    From Honeywrap

    The 'Create your own beeswax wraps' kit from Honeywrap makes a great gift. Either for someone who is crafty and eco-conscious... Or... for you and/or the kids to get crafty and then gift the finished, personalised beeswax wraps to Mum, Grandma, Aunty, a Teacher or a dear friend.  Everyone loves a hand-made personalised gift!


    The DIY beeswax wrap kit allows you to create and personalise your own wax wraps. With all the equipment and materials provided.  All you need is some baking paper and your imagination!

    Kit creates four Beeswax wraps.
    (1 small wrap, 2 medium wraps and 1 snack-sized wrap)


    What We Love About DIY Beeswax Wraps

    This DIY beeswax kit from HoneyWrap really is extra special.  It allows you to design your own wraps. You actually draw on them yourself! Write special messages, draw who or what you love, be as creative and as imaginative as you can. And the result is a set of beeswax wraps that are 100% unique!

    It is easy to buy someone a gift, it is quite another to make them one that is personal and one of a kind. It will surely give them that feel good factor every time they use it!


    DIY Beeswax Wraps Are 100% Organic

    All Honeywrap products (whether the DIY kits or the individual wraps) are made with 100% organic cotton.  The wax is a blend of beeswax, tree resin and jojoba oil. This perfect combination makes the cloth tacky allowing it to be shaped over your food and dishes. It makes your food last longer and can be used over and over again.

    Once made up, Honeywrap beeswax wraps are really easy to use. Just pick the size you need and wrap. It sticks to itself and your dishes to ensure that your food stays fresh. 


  • Reusable
  • Waste-free
  • 100% Organic Cotton