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    Kid's Bamboo Toothbrush - Eco Brush

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    Kid's Bamboo Toothbrush

    From The Eco-Brush 

    Start your child's eco conscious dental hygiene routine with one of these kid's sized bamboo toothbrushes. 

    Normalising eco-conscious living from an early age,  will set your kids up for a good sustainable future.

    The Eco-Brush's kid's bamboo toothbrush is a super easy eco-swap.  Unlike conventional plastic toothbrushes that will still exist hundreds of years from now, bamboo toothbrushes can be composted at home.  Simply pull out the bristles and throw the handle into your compost bin and let nature do the rest. 


    A Soft Bristled Bamboo Toothbrush

    These toothbrushes have soft bristles as recommended by dentists. The bristles have a straight cut at the end of the bristles (no taper) giving them a firmer feel in your mouth. 


    How To Dispose Of Your Bamboo Toothbrushes

    Bamboo toothbrushes from the Eco Brush can be composted at home. Simply pull out the bristles using a pair of pliers, and then throw the handle into your compost bin and let nature do the rest. The bamboo handles can also be burnt in your fire.

    Important: Please do NOT put the bristles into your compost bin or fire. These are plastic and need to go into a landfill bin.


    Do Bamboo Toothbrushes Go Mouldy?

    Yes they can, but there is a way to avoid it.

    When the bottom of your toothbrush sits in a puddle of water all day, day after day, it can begin to grow mould. To prevent your bamboo toothbrush from going mouldy, ensure they are able to fully dry between uses. 


    Don't use a cup to store your toothbrush between uses. Instead let your brush sit across the top of the cup. Or use a toothbrush holder like this one. We stock them here at Reuseful.


    About The Eco-Brush Company

    The Eco-Brush is a NZ owned company with a strong drive to reduce the amount of disposable plastic we use every day in order to keep our teeth nice and clean.  Nat, the founder and director, is passionate about providing plastic free alternatives to toothbrushes, dental floss and accessories.  This drive continues throughout her business as she is a proud example of a successful business with plastic free packaging.  The Eco Brush's goal is to save the environment by providing eco-friendly alternatives to everyday products, affordable and accessible to everyone. 

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