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    Lunette Menstrual Cup | Period Cup

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    Lunette Menstrual Cup | Period Cup

    Lunette menstrual cups save you money, hassle and waste!

    Are you ready to transform your periods for the better?

    "I've been using a Lunette menstrual cup for 3 years now and it is just amazing! Some times I forget I'm even having my period." 

    If you're new to the idea of using a menstrual cup, I recommend that you head over to my blog, where I bare all and tell you everything you need to know. Visit Blog: Menstrual Cups - What are they and how do they work?

    Two Lunette menstrual cups lying on a stone block.


    Lunette Menstrual Cups are available in 2 sizes;

    Lunette Size 1 - Perfect for those under 30 with no children.
    Lunette Size 2 - Great for those over 30 with children or heavy periods.

    A Lunette menstrual cup will last 10 years!

    How To Use Your Lunette Menstrual Cup

    Using a Lunette cup is simple. You fold it, insert inside your vagina, make sure it's in place and you're done!  You can even leave it in for up to 12 hours at a time, which gives you lots of freedom to do your thing!

    If you need any tips and tricks there is a really supportive and informative Facebook Group.  It is a private New Zealand group and the women on there are very experienced and knowledgable about all things period!


    Benefits Of A Lunette Menstrual Cup

      • Easy to use
      • Easy to clean
      • Convenient
      • Made from medical grade silicone
      • Hygienic and safe
      • Eco-Friendly/Waste free
      • Saves money

    Lunette menstrual cups are hygienic, safe, odourless and really easy to use too - simply fold and insert.  Done!  A menstrual cup can stay inside you for up to 12 hours leaving you free to do your thing and not worry about taking spares with you whenever you leave the house.

    Lunette menstrual cups are comfortable to wear. They are made of a smooth and silky medical grade silicone that is so soft you won’t even know its there.

    Are Lunette Menstrual Cups Safe?

    Yes! Lunette and My Cup brands of menstrual cups are made from the highest quality of medical grade silicone.  That means that the material is perfectly safe to be inside your body for prolonged periods of time. Medical grade silicone is a non-porous material, it does not shed fibres (like tampons do) and does not feed bacteria so it doesn't grow.

    How To Clean A Lunette Menstrual  Cup?

    Before using for the first time, boil your cup in a pan for 20 mins.
    You can also put it into the microwave. Put your Lunette cup into a microwavable bowl that is filled with water. Whatever method you use, be sure to keep an eye on the level of water. You may need to add more if it evaporates.

    Before and after each period boil your Lunette menstrual cup for 5 minutes.  Again you can use a pan or the microwave.

    During your period simply empty any blood into the toilet, rinse the cup in cold water first, then wash in warm water, then re-insert.

    No soaps are needed to clean your cup. However if you would prefer something then we recommend Lunette Cup Wash or My Cup's Cup Wash.

    If you’re out and about and don’t have access to water, try Lunette’s specially designed Cup Wipes.  Empty your cup into the toilet and then wipe clean with a wipe before reinserting.

    Still want to know more?  Visit Lunette's own cleaning guide here


    Lunette Menstrual Cup Sizes

    Lunette menstrual cups are available in two sizes. Size 1 and size 2. If you're not sure which is the right size for you, read the following list and see what suits you best.

    Flow - Have a light flow, then choose size 1.  If you have a heavier flow, give size 2 a go!
    Age - For teens and young users, then the smaller size 1 is recommended.
    Mums - We recommend size 2.
    Cervix -  If you have a low-sitting cervix, try the shorter size 1 for a better fit.
    Lifestyle - If you’re a fitness goddess with strong vaginal muscles, consider using the softer size 1.
    Bladder - If you have a sensitive bladder, the softer size 1 cup might be better suited to your needs.

    Still not sure? See Lunette's own size guide here.


    Lunette Menstrual Cups are Eco-Friendly

    A menstrual cup will replace your use of simple-use tampons.  On average a woman uses approx 4kg of disposable menstrual products each year.  That's 40kg over the life of a menstrual cup.  40kg compared to a 16g menstrual cup... how amazing is that?

    How Much Money Will I Save If I Buy A Lunette Menstrual Cup?

    Each year a woman spends on average $240 on menstrual products.  Over 10 years that's $2400.  Compare that to the price of a menstrual cup.  You could save yourself $2350!

    Why Choose A Lunette Menstrual Cup?

    Lunette is a tried and tested menstrual cup brand.  Worldwide is continues to rank as one of the best cups year after year. Lunette also has 95% of its customers saying that they are happy with their cups and 88% of customers believing that their quality of life during their periods has improved whilst using Lunette cups.