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    Menstrual Cup Wash - Menstrual Cup Cleanser - My Cup

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    Menstrual Cup Wash - Cup Cleanser

    From My Cup

    A foaming soap to cleanse your hands and your menstrual cup between uses. For women who want something more than a quick rinse with water.

    My Cup uses only beautiful and natural ingredients in their menstrual cup wash. 
    Ingredients: Distilled water and saponified coconut oil.

    Vegan, fragrance-free, colour-free and cruelty-free.
    Handmade in New Zealand by Figgy and Co.

    Comes in a 58ml bottle - perfect size for your bag.


    How Long Will The Menstrual Cup Wash Last?  

    The 58ml bottle is big enough for 180 washes as well as being small enough to keep in your bag.

    Made from 100% beautiful and natural ingredients, you can feel confident knowing that you are using an effective yet gentle wash for your menstrual cup.

    Cup Wash Product Info

    • Made from distilled water and 100% saponified coconut oil
    • 58ml
    • Foaming dispenser
    • Handmade in New Zealand


    How To Clean Your Menstrual Cup Using My Cup's Cup Wash

    The soap and water in the cup wash work together to reduce microbes such as bacteria, virus and fungi. This works in two ways;
    Firstly as an oil binder.  At a microscopic level, dirt binds to the oil, lifting it off of your hands, body and menstrual cup so that it can then be easily rinsed away.
    Secondly as a wetting agent.  The cup wash relaxes water molecules so that they don’t bead and can actually get closer to the particles to be cleaned away. This allows for better surface coverage of the soapy water.

    Note:  We do not recommend using a soap product that contains any antiseptic ingredients (chemicals that kill bacteria) as this may degrade the surface of the cup, creating a porous environment for bacteria to stick to.

    Why Choose A My Cup Product?

    My Cup are a New Zealand owned and operated business. They manufacture their products right here in New Zealand supporting our local economy. They also take great care to ensure that every part of their business is as eco-friendly as possible.

    They also supports several community initiatives including The Good Fund, to help reduce period poverty here in NZ.

    Still want to know more?  Visit their own website here.