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    Period Proof Swimwear - Hi-Waist Full Briefs - Modibodi

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    Period Proof Swimwear - Hi-Waist Full Briefs

    From Modibodi

    Light to Moderate Absorbency
    10ml = 2 tampons or 2 tea spoons

    We love the fabulous full coverage and thick supportive waist-band of these leak-proof swimmers. Flattering and functional? Yes please!

    Modibodi's period proof hi-waist full briefs are designed to be worn alone, but can, if you prefer, be worn underneath your usual togs or shorts.

    They fit and feel just like your favourite swimwear, but with the added confidence that the concealed lining gives you, absorbing a light period, some discharge or even a little pee, both in and out of the water.


    Modibodi Swimwear Product Details

    • UV50+ rated
    • Chlorine resistant
    • Water repellent
    • Fast drying
    • Made from recycled nylon

    With these period swimming briefs, you'll no longer need to purchase disposable tampons or liners whilst at the beach or pool.


    Modibodi's Period Proof Swimwear Size Guide

    It is recommended that you take the hip measurement in cm, and then choose a size according to what you usually wear and whether you prefer a tighter or looser fit.


    Caring For Your Modibodi Period Proof Swimwear

    1. Wash your Modibodi swimwear before the first wear. This is important as it will activate the technology in the lining for maximum absorption.

    2. Rinse your used swimwear under cold water after use. (Keep the water under 30 degrees.) No need to soak, just rinse until the water runs clear.

    3. Cold wash, right away or later, using a delicates bag. Avoid any fabric softener.

    4. Hang to dry. Reuse and repeat!


    How Modibodi Swimwear Works

    Don't let your period or a little incontinence keep you out of the water. Hit the pool or beach with confidence thanks to Modibodi's super slim (just 1mm) patent-pending swimwear technology.

    Designed to hold 10ml or 2 tampons worth.

    An image showing the two layers of fabric that make up the period swimwear from Modibodi.

    1. Top Layer - The sporty mesh layer is fast-drying, helps to control odour and is backed with a breathable waterproof layer.

    2. Bottom Layer - The bottom layer is the outer layer of your swimwear. Made from recycled nylon, which is chlorine resistant, UV50+ rated, water repellent, and dries much faster than your regular swimwear.