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    Reusable Cotton Sanitary Pad - Medium - Hannahpad

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    Reusable Cotton Sanitary Pad - Medium

    From Hannahpad

    Do you care about the environment and want to reduce your use of single-use disposables?  Or… do the chemicals and plastic within disposable pads cause you discomfort?

    If either of these are true for you then Hannah’s organic cotton sanitary pads are a great choice! 

    Super absorbent, light, soft, comfortable and leak proof.

    Medium cotton sanitary pads are very similar in size to a regular disposable pad.


    Medium Sanitary Pad Info

  • Absorbency - 35ml
  • Length - 27cm
  • Internal Layers - 5
  • Certified organic cotton
  • Hand or machine washable
  • New & Improved! Now with a slimmer more comfortable fit and with silicone dots for extra grip.

    Medium sized pads from Hannah are great for regular flow periods.  They are very similar in size to a regular disposable pad.

    They are breathable, soft and comfortable, giving you a fresher feel that no disposable pad ever could.

    The medium sanitary pad from Hannah is made from certified organic cotton, meaning that no chemicals have been used to grow the cotton or at any point along the production process.

    What does that mean for you?  You can feel confident that your pads are 100% chemical free!



    How Do You Use Hannah Sanitary Pads?

    Simply place your cotton pad over the inside of your underwear, pattern facing down.
    Then fold the wings over the outside of your underwear and secure using the plastic snap fastener.


    How are Reusable Sanitary Pads Eco-Friendly?

    The average woman uses approximately 4kg worth of disposable menstrual products every year. All of which ends up in our landfills and will remain there for hundreds of years. Swapping disposables for reusables means that no waste goes to landfill, and as Hannah’s cloth pads are designed to last for years, over your menstruating lifetime you will massively reduce your carbon footprint!


    Will using Hannah’s sanitary pads save me money?

    Yes.  Although reusable sanitary pads are an initial investment, once you have them, you won’t need to buy menstrual products month after month.  And the more you use each pad, the more you save.  Hannah have designed their cotton pads to be of the highest quality to ensure that they last you for as long as possible.  If you keep them safe and follow the washing instructions they could last for you years!


    Why Choose Hannah?

    Hannah is a brand focused on your health and the health of Mother Earth.  It only uses sustainable organic cotton, meaning no toxic pesticides are used to grow the cotton, and to be sure they have been Control Union Certified. This means that their industry supply chains are officially recognised as sustainable.

    Hannah cares about everything along their manufacturing chain, from the cotton farmers health, the farming practices to protect the environment, all the way to you and your body.  Hannah wants to give you a top quality product that is 100% toxin free.


    How do I clean my Hannahpads?

    1. Rinse your Hannahpads as soon as possible after wearing them to remove any discharge. Use cold water as hot water causes blood stains to set.
    2. Rub your bar of Probiotic Laundry Soap into your Hannahpad's and rub to form a lather.  Don't rinse.
    3. Fill a tub or bucket with cold water and leave your Hannahpads to soak for between 6 and 48 hours.
    4. Wash by hand or machine wash in cold water. 
    5. Dry in the sun where possible as it is a natural antibacterial. A laundry hanger can make drying your pads easy.

    To keep your Hannahpad's looking great for as long as possible please stick to these simple guidelines;
    - Do not bleach. 
    - Do not dry clean.  
    - Do not tumble dry/machine dry. 
    - Do not use fabric softener.

    After washing your Hannahpads you must dry them as quickly as possible to avoid them becoming mouldy. 
    Drying them in the sun immediately after washing is the best solution to avoiding mould. Ensure they are fully dry before storing. If your pads do become mouldy you can soak them in a solution of vinegar or borax. 
    Please follow the manufacturers instructions carefully. 
    For your health & hygiene, do not use your Hannahpad if any mould is present. If mould persists dispose of your Hannahpad.  It is each individuals responsibility to wash and maintain their pads once purchased. 
    Hannahpad or Reuseful does NOT take responsibility for the incorrect use and/or washing and care of the product.

    But don’t let this put you off, caring for Hannahpads is easy, and you don’t wear mouldy undies do you!