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    Safety Razor Gift Set - Low Waste Shaving - CaliWoods

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    Safety Razor Gift Set - Low Waste Shaving 

    From CaliWoods

    This safety razor gift set has everything you need to ditch plastic disposables and expensive refill blades. It comes packaged in an easy to wrap box.

    Choose your favourite colour: Copper or Silver. 


    Safety Razor Gift Set Includes:

    • Stainless steel safety razor
    • Blade refill pack with 20 blades
    • Natural, foaming shaving soap bar
    • Linen travel bag
    • Safety razor stand
    • Comes packaged in an easy to wrap box


    TOP SHAVING TIP - Use gentle pressure whilst shaving and let the weight of the razor do the work for you. 

    If you need to know more about how to shave with a safety razor, we recommend this blog.


    Learn more about each item in this gift pack.


    1. CaliWoods Safety Razor Info

    Choose your preferred colour from silver, copper or slate grey and enjoy the feeling of waste free shaving whilst enjoying how fancy this razor will look in your bathroom. 

    • Made from 20% stainless steel (type 304) and 80% zinc alloy.
    • Dimensions - 10cm handle, 4.4cm holding plate

    Why You Will LOVE A CaliWoods Safety Razor

    • PLASTIC FREE - No more disposable plastic razors ending up in landfill.
    • GREAT FOR EVERYONE - these razors are great for shaving faces, legs, armpits and your bikini line.
    • REPLACEMENT BLADES - You'll never need to replace your razor, just the blades. AND... What's even better is there is a return blade program where the blades will be recycled.
    • REPLACEMENT PARTS - The simple screw design of this razor makes it less likely to break than the butterfly style razors, but, should your razor ever break, contact CaliWoods via email and they will offer you a full repair service.


    2. Pack Of Replacement Blades Info

    These safety razor blades have been designed to fit the silver, copper. and slate grey safety razors from CaliWoods. However they are also compatible with other brands of safety razors. (Check the images to see if the shape matches your razor's blades.)

    Made from 100% stainless steel and is packaged with zero plastic! 

    Pack Includes:

    • 20 x Stainless Steel Blades
    • Blade Return Envelope


    How Do I Recycle The Razor Blades?

    Within this pack, you'll receive a blade return envelope. When you've finished with your blades, pop them into the envelope, (clean and dry) and post them to Caliwoods. Alternatively, drop them off at your nearest collection point.

    Find out more about the Razor Blade Returns Program.


    3. Shaving Soap Bar Info

    This bar of shaving soap has been handmade right here in New Zealand by professional soap maker Dirty Hippie.

    It has been made from natural ingredients and creates a lovely foaming lather.

    Ingredients: Organic Coconut Oil, Water, Lye, Lemon Essential Oil, Orange Essential Oil, Green Clay.

    Long Lasting 100g Bar



    4. Safety Razor Travel Bag Info

     Keep your safety razor protected whilst you're away from home with this travel bag. It has been designed especially for safety razors using linen, a natural fabric made from flax plants.

       Size: 8cm x 14cm (when lay out flat)


      Safety Razor Bag Product Details

      • Made from linen, a fabric made from the flax plant
      • 100% unbleached with minimal processing
      • Made to snuggly fit your safety razor
      • Drawstring close 


      How To Wash Your Razor Travel Bag

      We all know that our toiletries bag needs a clean out every once in a while, so to get your razor travel bag looking spick and span once more, pop it in the washing machine on a gentle cold wash.

      • Cold wash, inside out.
      • Iron inside out.


      5. Safety Razor Stand Info

      The minimally designed razor stand will keep your safety razor stored safely and neatly.

      The biggest benefit of the stand is that it keeps your razor from lying in a pool of water and allows it to fully dry out between uses. This will minimise rusting over time keeping your razor newer for much longer.

      Stand Dimensions: 3.4cm x 3.1cm
      Razor hole diameter: 0.5cm

      Colour will match your safety razor.