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    Single Cup Tea Infuser / Tea Strainer With Hook - CaliWoods

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    Single Cup Tea Infuser / Tea Strainer With Hook

    From CaliWoods

    Includes 1 x stainless steel tea infuser.

    Enjoy your favourite loose tea blends without plastic. This single serve tea strainer is all you need for brewing your perfect cup of tea without needing a teapot. Perfect for filtering loose tea leaves, herbal teas and more.

    Easy to fill, (and clean), this tea infuser has been designed to make loose tea brewing as easy as possible.


    How To Use A CaliWoods Tea Infuser

    1.Fill the infuser with the desired amount of your favourite loose leaf, herb or fruit infusion tea.

    2.Place tea infuser in a cup.

    3. Fill your cup with boiling water and let it brew.

    4. Remove tea strainer from your cup and enjoy your tea.


    Tea Strainer Product Details

    • Food grade Stainless steel material (Type 304)
    • Designed to last a lifetime


      How To Clean Your Single Cup Tea Infuser

      Once you've brewed your perfect cup, empty the used loose tea leaves into a compost or food scrap bin, rinse the infuser and then wash in the dishwasher or with hot soapy water.


      How To Dispose Of Your Tea Infuser

      Your tea strainer will last for years and years. But should you ever need an end-of-life solution, then it can be easily recycled. Please check your local council guidelines for your home recycling bin, or use a scrap metal service.

      Want to know more about CaliWoods.  Visit their website here.